The Seventh ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Speech Synthesis

Kyoto, Japan
September 22-24, 2010

Recent Development of the HMM-based Singing Voice Synthesis System — Sinsy

Keiichiro Oura, Ayami Mase, Tomohiko Yamada, Satoru Muto, Yoshihiko Nankaku, Keiichi Tokuda

Department of Computer Science, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

A statistical parametric approach to singing voice synthesis based on hidden Markov Models (HMMs) has been grown over the last few years. The spectrum, excitation, and duration of singing voices in this approach are simultaneously modeled with context-dependent HMMs and waveforms are generated from the HMMs themselves. In December 2009, we started a free on-line singing voice synthesis service called “Sinsy.” Users can obtain synthesized singing voices by uploading musical scores represented in MusicXML to the Sinsy website. The present paper describes recent developments of Sinsy in detail.

Index Terms: HMM-based speech synthesis, singing voice synthesis

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Bibliographic reference.  Oura, Keiichiro / Mase, Ayami / Yamada, Tomohiko / Muto, Satoru / Nankaku, Yoshihiko / Tokuda, Keiichi (2010): "Recent development of the HMM-based singing voice synthesis system — Sinsy", In SSW7-2010, 211-216.