The 4th International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages

Nijmegen, The Netherlands
May 13-16, 2014

Tone Spans of Cantonese English

Suki S. Y. Yiu

Linguistics Department, University of Hong Kong

This paper examines the newly developed tones in Cantonese English, with a particular interest in the tones spanning across syllables. It attempts to provide phonetic evidence for the tone spans and demonstrate the association of tones to syllables.
   Audio-recording data elicited from six speakers of Cantonese English was processed with Praat, and then fitted to a smoothing spline analysis of variance with R to generate smoothing splines at 95% confidence intervals for determining if the the tones in different positions of a word are significantly different from each other. Pitch tracks of tones in individual words were also generated for a detailed examination of the tone contours of the tone spans.
   Results showed that the realization of different tones was restricted by the position of the syllables in a word. Those tones are significantly different from each other. H spans, Ø spans and M spans were discussed and illustrated with tonal associations.

Index Terms: tone, tone spans, Cantonese English, Hong Kong English

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Bibliographic reference.  Yiu, Suki S. Y. (2014): "Tone Spans of Cantonese English", In TAL-2014, 143-146.