Workshop on the Auditory Basis of Speech Perception

Keele University, UK
July 15-19, 1996

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[ABSP-1996] Auditory Basis of Speech Perception, Keele, UK, July 15-19, 1996, ed. by William A. Ainsworth and Steve Greenberg, ISCA Archive,

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Overview of the Workshop's Key Themes

Greenberg, Steven: "Understanding speech understanding: towards a unified theory of speech perception", 1-8.

Hackney, Carole M.: "From cochlea to cortex: a simple anatomical description", 9-16.

Pols, Louis C. W.: "Analysis and perception of dynamic events and of reduction phenomena in speech", 17-22.

Clark, Graeme M.: "Cochlear implant speech processing for severely-to-profoundly deaf people", 23-30.

Suga, Nobuo: "Basic acoustic patterns and neural mechanisms shared by humans and animals for auditory perception: a neuroethologist's view", 31-38.

Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System as it Pertains to Speech

Adams, Joe C.: "Neural circuits in the human auditory brainstem", 39-44.

Dinse, Hubert R. / Schreiner, Christoph E.: "Dynamic frequency tuning of cat auditory cortical neurons: specific adaptations to the processing of complex sounds?", 45-48.

Palmer, A. R.: "Low-level processing of speech sounds in the auditory nervous system", 49-56.

Riquimaroux, Hiroshi: "Processing of sound sequence in the auditory cortex", 57-60.

Wong, Chen Pang / Pont, Michael J.: "Automatic selection of parameters for a computer simulation of extracellular auditory nerve fibre activity", 61-64.

Wong, Kien Seng / Pont, Michael J.: "A computer model of a ventral cochlear nucleus onset-c unit", 65-68.

Auditory Models and Representations of Speech

Damper, Robert I. / Harnad, S. / Gore, M. O.: "The auditory basis of the perception of voicing", 69-74.

Deng, Li / Sheikhzadeh, H.: "Temporal and rate aspects of speech encoding in the auditory system: simulation results on TIMIT data using a layered neural network interfaced with a cochlear model", 75-78.

Hansen, Martin / Kollmeier, Birger: "Implementation of a psychoacoustical preprocessing model for sound quality measurement", 79-82.

Hirahara, Tatsuya / Cariani, Peter / Delgutte, Bertrand: "Representation of low-frequency vowel formants in the auditory nerve", 83-86.

Jones, E. / Ambikairajah, E.: "Auditory signal processing using the wavelet packet transform", 87-90.

Langner, Gerhard / Schulze, H. / Sams, M. / Heil, P.: "The topographic representation of periodicity pitch in the auditory cortex", 91-97.

Lauter, Judith L.: "The auditory system as repertory company: a new approach to the neurobiology of speech perception", 98-101.

Lublinskaja, Valentina V.: "The "center of gravity" effect in dynamics", 102-105.

Sá Marta, Eduardo / Perdigao, Fernando / Vieira de Sá, Luis: "Psychophysical evidence for a sampling process, related to properties of onset cells, in stop consonant perception", 106-109.

Mashari, Seyed J. / Pont, Michael J.: "The role of the auditory nerve in the perception of voicing: a computational modelling study", 110-113.

O'Mard, L. P. / Meddis, R.: "A computational model of non-linear auditory frequency selectivity", 114-119.

Sachs, M. B. / May, B. J. / Prell, G. S. Le / Hienz, R. D.: "Adequacy of auditory-nerve rate representations of vowels: comparison with behavioral measures in cat", 120-126.

Schreiner, Christoph E. / Wong, S. W.: "Spatial-temporal representation of syllables in cat primary auditory cortex", 127-132.

Perceptual Cues and Features

Bonneau, Anne: "Identification of vowels from French stop bursts", 133-136.

Formby, C. / Sherlock, L. P. / Li, S.: "Auditory temporal acuity and the perceptual organization of complex sounds", 137-140.

Ghitza, Oded / Sondhi, M. Mohan: "On the perceptual distance between speech segments", 141-143.

Kawahara, Hideki: "Auditory effects on speech production: an alternative approach to pitch perception mechanisms", 144-147.

Kewley-Port, Diane: "Psychophysical studies of vowel formants", 148-153.

Klasmeyer, Gudrun: "Perceptual cues for emotional speech", 154-157.

López-Bascuas, Luis E.: "Speech signals might ignore auditory processors", 158-161.

Pind, Jörgen: "A case of "auditory handicap' in speech perception?", 162-165.

Wieringen, Astrid van / Pols, Louis C. W.: "The auditory basis of vocalic speech transitions", 166-169.

Auditory Scene Analysis and Perceptual Organisation

Berthommier, Frédéric: "Direct separation of sounds based on knowledge of F0 and ITD", 170-173.

Brown, Guy J. / Cooke, Martin / Mousset, Eric: "Are neural oscillations the substrate of auditory grouping?", 174-179.

Cheveigné, Alain de: "A neural cancellation model of F0-guided sound separation", 180-185.

Cooke, Martin: "Auditory organisation and speech perception: arguments for an integrated computational theory", 186-193.

Cosi, Piero / Zovato, Enrico: "Lyon's auditory model inversion: a tool for sound separation and speech enhancement", 194-197.

Ellis, Daniel P.W.: "Prediction-driven computational auditory scene analysis for dense sound mixtures", 198-203.

Janker, Peter M.: "The range of subjective simultaneousness in tapping experiments with speech stimuli", 204-207.

McCabe, Susan L. / Denham, Michael J.: "A neurocomputational model of auditory streaming", 208-211.

Meyer, Georg F. / Berthommier, Frédéric: "Vowel segregation with amplitude modulation maps: a re-evaluation of place and place-time models", 212-215.

Todd, Neil: "Towards a theory of the principal monaural pathway: pitch, time and auditory grouping", 216-221.

Varin, Laurent / Berthommier, Frédéric: "Identification of concurrent sources with a perceptron-based model", 222-225.

Warren, Richard M.: "Processing of speech and other auditory patterns: some similarities and differences", 226-231.

Woods, William S. / Hansen, Martin / Wittkop, Thomas / Kollmeier, Birger: "A scene analyzer for speech processing", 232-235.

Speech Processing under Adverse Conditions

Carlyon, Robert P.: "Within-channel cues for concurrent sound segregation", 236-240.

Darlington, David J. / Campbell, Douglas R.: "Sub-band adaptive filtering applied to speech enhancement", 241-244.

Patterson, Roy D. / Anderson, Timothy R. / Francis, Keith: "Binaural auditory images and a noise-resistant, binaural auditory spectrogram for speech recognition", 245-252.

Speech Perception by the Hearing Impaired

Campbell, Douglas R.: "Binaural processing for hearing aids", 253-256.

Drullman, Rob / Smoorenburg, Guido F.: "Effect of multichannel compression on auditory-visual speech reception by the profoundly hearing impaired", 257-260.

Faulkner, Andrew / Rosen, Stuart: "The contribution of temporally-coded acoustic speech patterns to audio-visual speech perception in normally hearing and profoundly hearing-impaired listeners", 261-264.

Geurts, L. / Govaerts, G. / Peeters, S. / Immerseel, L. Van / Wieringen, Astrid van / Wouters, Johan: "Speech processing for cochlear implants: the implementation and evaluation of phase-locking in high rate coding strategies", 265-268.

Gósy, Mária: "Consequences of temporary auditory deficiencies for speech perception", 269-272.

Moore, Brian C. J. / Baer, Thomas / Glasberg, Brian R. / Vickers, Deborah A.: "Simulations of the effect of hearing impairment on speech perception", 273-278.

Skljarov, O.: "The perception of the own delay speech as a tool for start-upping of the rhythm at the stuttering", 279-282.

Sundaramoorthy, Vasanthi / Pont, Michael J.: "Towards a computer simulation of the electrocochleogram", 283-286.

Auditory Processing for Speech Recognition

Beet, S. W. / Baghai-Ravary, L.: "Towards a better auditory representation for speech recognition", 287-290.

Bodden, Markus / Rateitschek, Klaus: "Noise-robust speech recognition based on a binaural auditory model", 291-296.

Cooke, Martin / Morris, Andrew / Green, Phil: "Recognising occluded speech", 297-300.

Dobrin, Cristina: "A new type of synchrony detector", 301-304.

Hoffmann, Rüdiger / Westendorf, Christian-M.: "Performance evaluation of a low cost filter bank basing on investigations of vowel perception", 305-308.

Lippmann, Richard P.: "Speech perception by humans and machines", 309-316.

Boda, Peter-Pal / Veth, Johan de / Boves, Louis: "Channel normalisation by using RASTA filtering and the dynamic cepstrum for automatic speech recognition over the phone", 317-320.

Pont, Michael J. / Keeton, Paul I. J. / Palooran, Pramod: "Speech recognition using a combination of auditory models and conventional neural networks", 321-324.