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ITRW on Adaptation Methods for Speech Recognition

August 29-30, 2001
Sophia Antipolis, France

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[Adaptation-2001]  Adaptation Methods for Speech Recognition, ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW), Sophia Antipolis, France, August 29-30, 2001, ISCA Archive,

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Introduction (PDF)

Speaker Adaptation

Woodland, Phil C. (2001): "Speaker adaptation for continuous density HMMs: A review", Invited Lecture, 11-19.

Kenny, Patrick / Boulianne, Gilles / Dumouchel, Pierre (2001): "Inter-speaker correlations, intra-speaker correlations and Bayesian adaptation", 21-24.

Kim, Dong Kook / Kim, Nam Soo (2001): "Maximum a posteriori adaptation of HMM parameters based on probabilistic principle component analysis", 25-28.

Ouellet, Pierre / Dumouchel, Pierre (2001): "Experiments with MLLR applied to switchboard models", 29-32.

Kuhn, Roland / Perronnin, Florent / Junqua, Jean-Claude (2001): "Time is money: Why very rapid adaptation matters", 33-36.

Nguyen, Patrick / Rigazio, Luca / Kuhn, Roland / Junqua, Jean-Claude / Wellekens, Christian (2001): "Self-adaptation using eigenvoices for large-vocabulary continuous speech recognition", 37-40.

Zhang, Zhipeng / Furui, Sadaoki (2001): "MDL-based cluster number decision methods for speaker clustering and MLLR adaptation", 41-44.

Gunawardana, Asela / Byrne, William (2001): "Convergence of DLLR rapid speaker adaptation algorithms", 45-48.

Chen, Kuan-Ting / Wang, Hsin-Min (2001): "Eigenspace-based linear transformation approach for rapid speaker adaptation", 49-52.

Heck, Larry / Mirghafori, Nikki (2001): "On-line unsupervised adaptation in speaker verification: Confidence-based updates and improved parameter estimation", 53-56.

Uebel, L. F. / Woodland, Phil C. (2001): "Speaker Adaptation Using Lattice-Based MLLR", 57-60.

Uebel, L. F. / Woodland, Phil C. (2001): "Discriminative linear transforms for speaker adaptation", 61-64

Adaptation of Models and to Environment

Sagayama, Shigeki / Shinoda, Koichi / Nakai, Mitsuru / Shimodaira, Hiroshi (2001): "Analytic Methods for acoustic model adaptation: A review", Invited Lecture, 67-76.

Chien, Jen-Tzung (2001): "A Bayesian prediction approach to robust speech recognition and online speaker adaptation", 77-80.

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Glotin, Hervé (2001): "Dominant speaker detection based on voicing for adaptive audio-visual ASR robust to speech noise", 89-92.

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Kommer, Robert van / Hirsbrunner, Beat (2001): "Word model adaptation in voice-activated teleservices", 101-104.

Torre, Angel de la / Fohr, Dominique / Haton, Jean Paul (2001): "On the comparison of front-ends for robust speech recognition in car environments", 105-108.

Bouwman, Gies / Boves, Louis (2001): "Using discriminative principles for recognising city names", 109-112.

Srinivasamurthy, Naveen / Narayanan, Shrikanth / Ortega, Antonio (2001): "Use of model transformations for distributed speech recognition", 113-116.

Sagayama, Shigeki / Kato, Yutaka / Nakai, Mitsuru / Shimodaira, Hiroshi (2001): "Jacobian approach to joint adaptation to noise, channel and vocal tract length", 117-120.

Lexicon Adaptation

Strik, Helmer (2001): "Pronunciation adaptation at the lexical level", Invited Lecture, 123-130.

Tian, Jilei / Kiss, Imre / Viikki, Olli (2001): "Pronunciation and acoustic model adaptation for improving multilingual speech recognition", 131-134.

Baum, Micha / Muhr, Rudolf / Kubin, Gernot (2001): "A Phonetic lexicon for adaptation in ASR for Austrian German", 135-138.

Delphin-Poulat, Lionel (2001): "Comparison of techniques for environment/application adaptation in a telephony context ", 139-142.

Goronzy, Silke / Kompe, Ralf / Rapp, Stefan (2001): "Generating non-native pronunciation variants for lexicon adaptation", 143-146.

Illina, Irina / Mostefa, Djamel (2001): "Structural maximum a posteriori adaptation for mixture stochastic trajectory framework", 147-150.

Cremelie, Nick / Bosch, Louis ten (2001): "Improving the recognition of foreign names and non-native speech by combining multiple grapheme-to-phoneme converters", 151-154.

Trouvain, Jürgen / Koreman, Jacques / Erriquez, Attilio / Braun, Bettina (2001): "Articulation rate measures and their relation to phone classification in spontaneous and read German speech", 155-158.

Wolff, Matthias / Eichner, Matthias / Hoffmann, Rüdiger (2001): "Automatic learning and optimization of pronunciation dictionaries", 159-162.

Language and Task Adaptation

Bellegarda, Jerome R. (2001): "An overview of statistical language model adaptation", Invited Lecture, 165-174.

Andorno, M. / Laface, Pietro / Popovici, C. / Fissore, L. / Vair, C. (2001): "Toward automatic adaptation of the acoustic models and of the formulation variants in a directory assistance application", 175-178.

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Sepesy Maucec, Mirjam / Kacic, Zdravko / Horvat, Bogomir (2001): "A framework for language model adaptation for highly-inflected Slovenian 211-214.