Applied Spoken Language Interaction in Distributed Environments (ASIDE 2005)

ITRW and COST278 Final Workshop
Aalborg, Denmark
November 10-11, 2005

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[ASIDE-2005] Applied Spoken Language Interaction in Distributed Environments, ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) and COST278 Final Workshop, Aalborg, Denmark, November 10-11, 2005; ISCA Archive,

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Bernsen   Boril   Brřndsted   Callejas (12)   Callejas (13)   Cerva   Dalsgaard   Diehl (18)   Diehl (24)   Docio-Fernandez   Dybkjćr, Hans   Dybkjćr, Laila   Edlund   Feldes   Garcia-Mateo   Gea   Hajdinjak   Hakulinen   Hanzl   Hjalmarsson   Holada   Hutter   HUUSKONEN   James   Johnsen   Juhar   Kacic   Kainulainen   Kanner   Larsen, Henrik Legind   Larsen, Lars Bo   LARSON   Lihan   Lindberg (30)   Lindberg (31)   López-Cózar (12)   López-Cózar (13)   Mihelic   Milner   MÖLLER   Monte   Montoro   MOORE   Moreno   Myrvoll   Nouza, Jan   Nouza, Tomás   Ortiz-Arroyo   Pelc   Pettersen   Pollák   Salonen   Stemberk   Stier   Szaszak   Tan (30)   Tan (31)   Terken   Tönz   Turunen   Tyagi   Vicsi   Wellekens   Xu (30)   Xu (31)   Zgank  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and invited papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts (ISCA members only). Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Interactive Systems: Design and Standards

Larson, James A.: "VoiceXML: industry perspectives and business opportunities", paper 43 (keynote paper).

Terken, Jacques: "Guidelines and tools for the design of multimodal interfaces", paper 41.

Hutter, Hans-Peter / Tönz, Roger: "New concept for designing multimodal user interfaces", paper 25.

López-Cózar, Ramón / Callejas, Zoraida / Gea, Miguel / Montoro, Germán: "Multimodal, multilingual and adaptive dialogue system for ubiquitous interaction in an educational space", paper 12.

Distributed Interactive Systems

Huuskonen, Pertti: "Interaction through non-interaction: context awareness and distributed applications", paper 36 (keynote paper).

Turunen, Markku / Salonen, Esa-Pekka / Hakulinen, Jaakko / Kanner, Juuso / Kainulainen, Anssi: "Mobile architecture for distributed multimodal dialogues", paper 22.

Brřndsted, Tom / Larsen, Henrik Legind / Larsen, Lars Bo / Lindberg, Břrge / Ortiz-Arroyo, Daniel / Tan, Zheng-Hua / Xu, Haitian: "Mobile information access with spoken query answering", paper 31.

Edlund, Jens / Hjalmarsson, Anna: "Applications of distributed dialogue systems: the KTH connector", paper 20.

Evaluation of Interactive Systems

Möller, Sebastian: "Evaluating telephone-based interactive systems", paper 42 (keynote paper).

Dybkjćr, Laila / Bernsen, Niels Ole / Dybkjćr, Hans: "Usability evaluation issues in commercial and research systems", paper 29.

Hajdinjak, Melita / Mihelic, France: "Results from an evaluation of a dialogue manager", paper 16.

Stier, Michael / Feldes, Stefan: "Domain adaptation of a distributed speech-to-speech translation system", paper 10.

Selected Research Challenges of Interactive Systems

Moore, Roger K.: "Research challenges in the automation of spoken language interaction", paper 45 (keynote paper).

Diehl, Frank / Moreno, Asunción / Monte, Enric: "Crosslingual adaptation of semi-continuous HMMS using acoustic regression classes and sub-simplex projection", paper 18.

James, Alastair / Milner, Ben: "A comparison of efficient interleaver designs for real time distributed speech recognition", paper 27.

Xu, Haitian / Tan, Zheng-Hua / Dalsgaard, Paul / Lindberg, Břrge: "Combined spectral subtraction and cepstral normalisation for robust speech recognition", paper 30.

Tyagi, Vivek / Wellekens, Christian: "Adaptive enhancement of speech signals for robust ASR", paper 23.

Pettersen, Svein G. / Johnsen, Magne H. / Myrvoll, Tor A.: "A comparative study of model compensation methods for robust speech recognition in noisy conditions", paper 14.

Callejas, Zoraida / López-Cózar, Ramón: "Implementing modular dialogue systems: a case of study", paper 13.

Docio-Fernandez, Laura / Garcia-Mateo, Carmen: "Effect of poor spontaneous speech modeling on broadcast news transcription performance", paper 19.

Zgank, Andrej / Kacic, Zdravko / Diehl, Frank / Juhar, Jozef / Lihan, Slavomir / Vicsi, Klara / Szaszak, Gyorgy: "Graphemes as basic units for crosslingualspeech recognition", paper 24.

Holada, Miroslav / Nouza, Jan / Cerva, Petr / Nouza, Tomás / Pelc, Martin: "Distributed recognition used as platform for public testing of speech technology applications", paper 17.

Stemberk, Pavel / Hanzl, Václav: "Finite-state transducer toolkit for faster ASR", paper 21.

Boril, Hynek / Pollák, Petr: "Comparison of three Czech speech databases from the standpoint of Lombard effect appearance", paper 28.