International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing 2008

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort, Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia
September 26-29, 2008

Age-Related Experience in Audio-Visual Speech Perception

Magnus Alm, Dawn Behne

Psychology Department, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim Norway

The current study addresses the changing use of audio and visual cues in audio-visual speech perception during adulthood by testing young and middle-aged adults using stimuli with incongruent audio-visual consonants. Young adults gave more audio responses and fewer visual responses than middle-aged adults. Results show no age differences in auditory or visual sensitivity. The discrepancy in use of modalities is therefore concluded to most likely be due to middle-aged adults being more flexible perceivers than young adults resulting from more audio-visual speech experience.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Alm, Magnus / Behne, Dawn (2008): "Age-related experience in audio-visual speech perception", In AVSP-2008, 205-208.