Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP) 2009

University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
September 10-13, 2009

Effects of Exhaustivity and Uncertainty on Audiovisual Focus Production

Charlotte Wollermann (1), Bernhard Schröder (2)

(1) Institute of Communication Sciences, University of Bonn, Germany
(2) Institute of German Linguistics, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

This paper presents an experimental study on the role of uncertainty and exhaustivity for audiovisual pragmatic focus production. We investigate whether audiovisual cues of uncertainty appear more often for the production of non-exhaustive answers than for exhaustive answers. Results for the audio modality suggest that rising intonation occurs more often in connection with non-exhaustivity as with exhaustive answers, but no effects on fillers and pauses are observed. For the visual channel eyebrow and head movements accompanying the speech signal are found, but effects are relatively weak.

Index Terms: audiovisual prosody, pragmatic focus production, uncertainty, exhaustivity, question-answering

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Bibliographic reference.  Wollermann, Charlotte / Schröder, Bernhard (2009): "Effects of exhaustivity and uncertainty on audiovisual focus production", In AVSP-2009, 145-150.