ESCA Workshop on Audio-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP'97)

September 26-27, 1997
Rhodes, Greece

Impairment of Visual Speech Integration in Prosopagnosia

Beatrice de Gelder (1), Nancy Etcoff (2), Jean Vroomen (1)

(1) Tilburg University, The Netherlands
(2) Harvard Medical School, USA

Our study of a prosopagnosic patient LH shows a strong association between severe face processing deficits and loss of speechreading skills. With simple dynamic stimuli some speechreading ability seems preserved but it is insufficient to affect the processing of auditory input and to generate audiovisual blends or to provoke cross-modal bias.

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Bibliographic reference.  Gelder, Beatrice de / Etcoff, Nancy / Vroomen, Jean (1997): "Impairment of visual speech integration in prosopagnosia", In AVSP-1997, 77-80.