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ETRW on Dialogue and Prosody

September 1-3, 1999
Veldhoven, The Netherlands

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[DIAPRO-1999] Dialogue and prosody, ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW), Veldhoven, The Netherlands, September 1-3, 1999, ISCA Archive,

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Introduction (PDF)   (Zipped Postscript)

Invited Papers

Clark, Herbert H. (1999): "Speaking in time", 1-6.

Hirschberg, Julia (1999): "Communication and prosody: Functional aspects of prosody", 7-15.

Pulman, Stephen (1999): "Relating dialogue games to information state", 17-24.

Nöth, Elmar / Batliner, Anton / Warnke, Volker / Haas, J. / Boros, M. / Buckow, J. / Huber, R. / Gallwitz, F. / Nutt, Matthias / Niemann, Heinrich (1999): "On the use of prosody in automatic dialogue understanding", 25-34

Oral Session: Intomation

Heuven, Vincent J. van / Haan, Judith / Kirsner, Robert S. (1999): "Phonetic correlates of sentence type in Dutch: Statement, question and command", 35-40.

Cowie, Roddy / Douglas-Cowie, Ellen / Romano, A. (1999): "Changing emotional tone in dialogue and its prosodic correlates", 41-46.

Wagner, Petra / Portele, Thomas (1999): "Two dimensions of prominence", 47-52.

Oral Session: Synthesis

Larrey, Pierre (1999): "A framework to allow dialogue systems to generate context-sensitive 53-58.

Kawanami, Hiromichi / Hirose, Keikichi (1999): "Speech rate control for dialogue speech synthesis based on the prosodic structures", 59-64.

Hakulinen, Jaakko / Turunen, Markku / Räihä, Kari-Jouko (1999): "The use of prosodic features to help users extract information from structured elements in spoken dialogue systems", 65-70.

Oral Session: Discourse and Dialogue

Horne, Merle / Hansson, Petra / Bruce, Gösta / Frid, Johan / Jönsson, Arne (1999): "Accentuation of domain-related information in Swedish dialogues", 71-76.

Caspers, Johanneke (1999): "The meaning of melodic elements in Dutch", 77-82.

Ward, Nigel (1999): "Low-pitch regions as dialogue signals? Evidence from dialog-act and lexical correlates in natural conversation", 83-88.

Oral Session: Recognition

Wright, Helen / Poesio, Massimo / Isard, Stephen (1999): "Using high level dialogue information for dialogue act recognition using prosodic features", 139-143.

Dusterhoff, Kurt (1999): "Automatic intonation analysis using acoustic data", 145-149.

Nutt, Matthias / Batliner, Anton / Warnke, Volker / Nöth, Elmar (1999): "Using phrase accent information for dialog act recognition in spontaneous German speech", 151-155.

Buckow, Jan / Huber, Richard / Warnke, Volker / Batliner, Anton / Nöth, Elmar / Niemann, Heinrich (1999): "Multi-lingual prosodic processing", 157-162.

Gallwitz, F. / Niemann, Heinrich / Nöth, Elmar / Warnke, Volker (1999): "Prosodic information for integrated word-and-boundary recognition", 163-168

Oral Session: Backchanneling, Barge-in, Interruptions

Krahmer, Emiel / Swerts, Marc / Theune, Mariet / Weegels, Mieke (1999): "Prosodic correlates of disconfirmations", 169-174.

Aist, Greg / Mostow, Jack (1999): "Measuring the effects of backchanneling in computerized oral reading tutoring", 175-180.

Pirker, Hannes / Loderer, Georg (1999): "I said "TWO TI-CKETS": How to talk to a deaf wizard", 181-185.

Shimojima, Atsushi / Katagiri, Yasuhiro / Koiso, Hanae / Swerts, Marc (1999): "An experimental study on the informational and grounding functions of prosodic features of Japanese echoic responses",

Levow, Gina-Anne (1999): "Understanding recognition failures in spoken corrections in human-computer dialogue", 193-198.

Poster Session

Kopecek, Ivan (1999): "Syllable-based approach to automatic prosody detection: Applications for dialogue systems", 89-93.

Ayers Elam, Gayle / Wayland, Sarah C. (1999): "Prosody and prompt design in a computer dialog system", 93-97.

Hansson, Petra (1999): "Prosodic correlates of discourse markers in dialogue", 99-104.

Kuosmanen, Anne (1999): "On the relationship between the melodical structure and discourse functions of the particles NU and VOT in spontaneous Russian", 105-110.

Rietveld, Toni / Gussenhoven, Carlos / Wichmann, Anne / Grabe, Esther (1999): "The communicative effects of rising and falling pitch accents in British English and Dutch", 111-116.

Lachaud, Christian / Caelen-Haumont, Geneviève / Pynte, Joël / Espesser, Robert (1999): "The role of prosodic cues in ASR, expert knowledge and human perception: A comparison of performance for French word recognition", 117-122.

Fischer, Kerstin (1999): "Discourse effects on the prosodic properties of repetitions in human-computer interaction", 123-128.

Patel, Rupal (1999): "Prosody conveys information in severely impaired speech", 129-134.

Jekat, Susanne (1999): "Prosodic cues as basis for restructuring", 135-137.