InSTIL/ICALL 2004 Symposium on Computer Assisted Learning

June 17-19, 2004
Venice, Italy

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[ICALL-2004] InSTIL/ICALL 2004 Symposium on Computer Assisted Learning, NLP and speech technologies in advanced language learning systems, Venice, Italy, June 17-19, 2004, ISCA Archive,

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Granström, Björn: "Towards a virtual language tutor", paper 001.

Gerosa, Matteo / Giuliani, Diego: "Preliminary investigations in automatic recognition of English sentences uttered by Italian children", paper 002.

Neri, Ambra / Cucchiarini, Catia / Strik, Helmer: "Segmental errors in Dutch as a second language: how to establish priorities for CAPT", paper 003.

Tillmann, Hans G. / Pfitzinger, Hartmut R.: "The development of an advanced SLP-based system for the individual learning and fast training of speaking skills in a new foreign language [planning the graduate college research program "Chinese for German engineers (and other L1-speakers of German)"", paper 004.

Johnson, W. Lewis / Marsella, Stacy / Mote, Nicolaus / Viljhálmsson, Hannes / Narayanan, Shrikanth / Choi, Sunhee: "Tactical language training system: supporting the rapid acquisition of foreign language and cultural skills", paper 005.

Brown, Jonathan / Eskenazi, Maxine: "Retrieval of authentic documents for reader-specific lexical practice", paper 006.

Demol, M. / Struyve, K. / Verhelst, W. / Paulussen, H. / Desmet, P. / Verhoeve, P.: "Efficient non-uniform time-scaling of speech with WSOLA for CALL applications", paper 007.

Schmidt, Paul / Garnier, Sandrine / Sharwood, Mike / Badia, Toni / Díaz, Lourdes / Quixal, Martí / Ruggia, Ana / Valderrabanos, Antonio S. / Cruz, Alberto J. / Torrejon, Enrique / Rico, Celia / Jimenez, Jorge: "ALLES: 'controlled language tools² and ‘information extraction tools² for CALL applications", paper 008.

Kraif, Olivier / Antoniadis, Georges / Echinard, Sandra / Loiseau, Mathieu / Lebarbé, Thomas / Ponton, Claude: "NLP tools for CALL: the simpler, the better", paper 009.

Zock, Michael / Quint, Julien: "Converting an electronic dictionary into a drill tutor", paper 010.

Mac Lochlainn, Mícheál / Ó Néill, Gearóid: "Specifying grammatical points", paper 011.

Mote, Nicolaus / Johnson, Lewis / Sethy, Abhinav / Silva, Jorge / Narayanan, Shrikanth: "Tactical language detection and modeling of learner speech errors: the case of Arabic tactical language training for american English speakers", paper 012.

Vitanova, Irena: "Evaluating integrated NLP in foreign language learning: technology meets pedagogy", paper 013.

Greene, Cara / Keogh, Katrina / Koller, Thomas / Wagner, Joachim / Ward, Monica / Genabith, Josef van: "Using NLP technology in CALL", paper 014.

Fortmann, Christian / Forst, Martin: "An LFG grammar checker for CALL", paper 015.

Hincks, Rebecca: "Processing the prosody of oral presentations", paper 016.

Ishida, Akira: "Measuring the appropriateness of laxical tones in bisyllabic Chinese words", paper 017.

Handley, Zöe / Hamel, Marie-Josée: "Investigating the requirements of speech synthesis for CALL with a view to developing a benchmark", paper 018.

Menzel, Wolfgang: "Errors, intentions, and explanations: feedback generation for language tutoring systems", paper 019.

Bender, Emily M. / Flickinger, Dan / Oepen, Stephan / , Annemarie Walsh (1), Timothy Baldwin (2) / Walsh, Annemarie / Baldwin, Timothy: "Arboretum: using a precision grammar for grammar checking in CALL", paper 020.

Zamorano Mansilla, Juan Rafael: "Text generators, error analysis and feedback", paper 021.

Delmonte, Rodolfo: "Evaluating students² summaries with GETARUNS", paper 022.

Wang, Chao / Seneff, Stephanie: "High-quality speech translation for language learning", paper 023.

Levi, Tatiana / Stokowski, Steve / Koster, Nikolaus / Rycshka, Andreas: "Voice recognition feature of the German express courseware: conceptualization, specification and prototyping - model elaboration through phases", paper 024.

Schwartz, Lee / Aikawa, Takako / Pahud, Michel: "Dynamic language learning tools", paper 025.

Winiwarter, Werner: "PETRA - the personal embedded translation and reading assistant", paper 026.

Wagner, Joachim: "A false friends exercise with authentic material retrieved from a corpus", paper 027.

Bonneau, Anne / Camus, Matthieu / Laprie, Yves / Colotte, Vincent: "A computer-assisted learning of English prosody for French students", paper 028.

Thomas, Craig / Levison, Michael / Lessard, Greg: "Experiments in prosody for the generation of oral French", paper 029.

Hirano, Hiroko / Kawai, Goh: "Modeling pitch errors of Japanese intonational phrases spoken by a native speaker of Chinese", paper 030.

Haller, Johann / Carl, Michael / Garnier, Sandrine / Stroede, Brigitte / Wind, Lutz: "NLP tools for intelligent learner utterance evaluation", paper 031.

Truong, Khiet / Neri, Ambra / Cucchiarini, Catia / Strik, Helmer: "Automatic pronunciation error detection: an acoustic-phonetic approach", paper 032.

Tsubota, Yasushi / Dantsuji, Masatake / Kawahara, Tatsuya: "Practical use of autonomous English pronunciation learning system for Japanese students", paper 033.

Bernstein, Jared / Barbier, Isabella / Rosenfeld, Elizabeth / Jong, John De: "Development and validation of an automatic spoken Spanish test", paper 034.

Raux, Antoine / Eskenazi, Maxine: "Using task-oriented spoken dialogue systems for language learning: potential, practical applications and challenges", paper 035.

Seneff, Stephanie / Wang, Chau / Zhang, Julia: "Spoken conversational interaction for language learning", paper 036.

Wilks, Yorick: "Artificial companions", paper 037.

Klenner, Manfred: "Tutorial dialogue in diBEx", paper 038.

Kirschning, Ingrid: "CSLU toolkit-based vocabulary tutors for the Jean Piaget special education school", paper 039.

Mich, Ornella / Giuliani, Diego / Gerosa, Matteo: "Parling, a CALL system for children", paper 040.

Peabody, Mitchell / Seneff, Stephanie / Wang, Chao: "Mandarin tone acquisition through typed interactions", paper 041.

MARTIN, Philippe: "Winpitch LTL II, a multimodal pronunciation software", paper 042.

Kempen, Gerard: "Interactive visualization of syntactic structure assembly for grammar-intensive first- and second-language instruction", paper 043.

Boytcheva, Svetla / Vitanova, Irena / Strupchanska, Albena / Yankova, Milena / Angelova, Galia: "Towards the assessment of free learner's utterances in CALL", paper 044.

Ayala, Gerardo: "Software agents supporting second language learning as a personalized, collaborative and lifelong activity", paper 045.

Heiner, Cecily / Beck, Joseph / Mostow, Jack: "Improving the help selection policy in a reading tutor that listens", paper 046.

Montanari, Simona / Yildirim, Serdar / Khurana, Sonia / Landes, Marni / Lawyer, Lewis / Andersen, Elaine / Narayanan, Shrikanth: "Analyzing the interplay between spoken language and gestural cues in conversational child-machine interactions in pre/early literate age groups", paper 047.

Bianchi, Dario / Mordonini, Monica / Poggi, Agostino: "Spoken dialog for e-learning supported by domain ontologies", paper 048.

Cosi, Piero / Delmonte, Rodolfo / Biscetti, S. / Cole, Ron A. / Pellom, Brian / Vuren, S. van: "Italian literacy tutor - tools and technologies for individuals with cognitive disabilities", paper 049.

Vlugter, Peter / Knott, Alistair / Weatherall, Victoria: "A human-machine dialogue system for CALL", paper 050.

Brown, Charles Grant / Keim, Nathan / Brammer, Kevin / Flagel, Lorne: "The incomplete grammar approach to the development of a strong-AI based ICALL system", paper 051.

Morgan, John J.: "Making a speech recognizer tolerate non-native speech through Gaussian mixture merging", paper 052.