Intonation: Theory, Models, and Applications

Athens, Greece
September 18-20, 1997


Deriving Prosodic Patterns from Syntactic Structures: The Cases of Extraposition, Clefts and Parentheticals

Jean-Philippe Goldman, Eric Wehrli

LATL - Department of Linguistics, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

This paper discusses some of the features of the prosodic module of the FipsVox French text-to-speech system under development at LATL. The prosodic parameters are determined on the basis of (i) a detailed GB-style syntactic parse of the input sentences, (ii) a grapheme-to-phoneme conversion module, and (iii) a small set of standard intonation rules combined with a perceptual approach. We will illustrate the derivation of prosodic patterns with examples of constructions involving the extraposition of a constituant as in cleft, heavy-NP shift and left-dislocation structures, as well as some cases of parentheticals.

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Bibliographic reference.  Goldman, Jean-Philippe / Wehrli, Eric (1997): "Deriving prosodic patterns from syntactic structures: the cases of extraposition, clefts and parentheticals", In INT-1997, 153-156.