Intonation: Theory, Models, and Applications

Athens, Greece
September 18-20, 1997


Intonation Patterns in Unangan (Eastern Aleut)

Alice Taff

University of Washington, Department of Linguistics, Seattle, Washington, USA

This paper provides phonetic evidence for the following claims about the patterning of intonation in Unangan (Eastern Aleut): 1. each content word in the language is an phonological phrase (PP) of the contour HL; 2. words/PP's are organized into Intonational Phrases (IP's) with boundary tones either H% or L%. (References herein to H and L tone types and phrase types follow the system elaborated by Pierrehumbert [6], and others.) Phonetic evidence is provided by pitch tracks of sentences elicited from eight native speakers of Unangan and by statistical analysis of the pitch tracks.

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Bibliographic reference.  Taff, Alice (1997): "Intonation patterns in unangan (eastern aleut)", In INT-1997, 301-304.