Intonation: Theory, Models, and Applications

Athens, Greece
September 18-20, 1997


Pitch Accents, Boundary Tones, and Information Structure in Spontaneous Discourse in Dutch

Monique E. van Donzel, Florien J. Koopmans-van Beinum

University of Amsterdam, Institute of Phonetic Sciences/IFOTT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In this paper we present the results of a study investigating intonational aspects of spontaneous Dutch speech in relation to discourse structure and to judgements of perceived prominence. Pitch accents and boundary tones were labeled directly in the intonation contour, specifying frequency of occurrence, F0-value, and timing of accent peaks and boundary tones. These findings were subsequently related to aspects of discourse structure, and to data on perceived prominence and phrasing. Results show a tendency for 'new* information to be accented more often than 'given', but not all pitch accents turn out to be equally important to the listeners.

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Bibliographic reference.  Donzel, Monique E. van / Koopmans-van Beinum, Florien J. (1997): "Pitch accents, boundary tones, and information structure in spontaneous discourse in dutch", In INT-1997, 313-316.