Intonation: Theory, Models, and Applications

Athens, Greece
September 18-20, 1997


Intonational Variation Across Dialects: An Intonational Phonology Approach

Alexandra Vella

University of Malta, Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Malta

Working on the intonation of Maltese within the framework of intonational phonology ([12], [10]), Vella [13] notes an asymmetry in the timing implementation of the nuclear statement tune as compared with that of the nuclear question tune. Vella's preliminary conclusion regarding the former is that there is a tendency for early alignment of H* with the stressed syllable; in the latter case, the tendency is rather for late alignment of L* with the stressed syllable. This paper uses interview data to corroborate preliminary evidence relating to the timing of the peak in the nuclear statement tune in Standard Maltese. At the same time, it investigates the timing of pitch accent alignment in the nuclear statement tune in one particular dialect of Maltese. The difference in the timing implementation of the peak across the two varieties is accounted for by means of a phonological feature [early peak].

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Bibliographic reference.  Vella, Alexandra (1997): "Intonational variation across dialects: an intonational phonology approach", In INT-1997, 325-328.