Interactive Voice Technology for Telecommunications Applications (IVTTA'98)

Torino, Italy
September 29-30, 1998

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[IVTTA'98] Interactive Voice Technology for Telecommunications Applications (IVTTA'98), Torino, Italy, September 29-30, 1998, ISCA Archive,

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Gupta, Vishwa / Robillard, Serge / Pelletier, Claude: "Automation of locality recognition in ADAS plus", 1-4.

Kato, Tsuneo / Kuroiwa, Shingo / Higuchi, Norio: "Area code, country code, and time difference information system and its field trial", 5-10.

Billi, Roberto / Canavesio, Franco / Rullent, Claudio: "Automation of telecom Italia directory assistance service: field trial results", 11-16.

Peterson, Patrick / Ann, Richard / Decerbo, Michael / Hamilton, Susan / Kao, Chia-lin / Licuanan, Ana / Shaked, Varda / Shu, David: "Optimum recognition parameters in multiple domains", 17-20.

Kellner, Andreas / Rueber, Bernd / Schramm, Hauke: "Strategies for name recognition in automatic directory assistance systems", 21-26.

Falavigna, Daniele / Gretter, Roberto: "Telephone speech recognition applications at IRST", 27-30.

Neubert, F. / Gravier, G. / Yvon, F. / Chollet, Gérard: "Directory name retrieval over the telephone in the picasso project", 31-36.

Lee, Chin-Hui / Carpenter, R. / Chou, W. / Chu-Carroll, J. / Reichl, W. / Saad, A. / Zhou, Q.: "A study on natural language call routing", 37-42.

Marinelli, Donald / Stevens, Scott: "Synthetic interviews: the art of creating a 'dyad' between humans and machine-based characters", 43-48.

Azevedo, J. / Beires, N. / Charpentier, Francis / Farrell, M. / Johnston, D. / LeFlour, E. / Micca, G. / Militello, S. / Schroeder, K.: "Multilinguality in voice activated information services: the P502 EURESCOM project", 49-54.

Georgila, K. / Tsopanoglou, A. / Fakotakis, Nikos / Kokkinakis, George: "A dialogue system for telephone-based services integrating spoken and written language", 55-59.

Failenschmid, Klaus: "Spoken dialogue system design - the influence of the organisational context on the design process", 60-64.

Zanten, Gert Veldhuijzen van: "Adaptive mixed-initiative dialogue management", 65-70.

Brondsted, Tom: "The linguistic components of the REWARD dialogue creation environment and run time system", 71-76.

Hanrieder, Gerhard: "Integration of a mixed-initiative dialogue manager into commercial IVR platforms", 77-82.

Tan, Beng T. / Gu, Yong / Thomas, Trevor: "Implementation and evaluation of a voice-activated dialling system", 83-86.

Koyama, Takao / Horie, Takashi / Yoshioka, Takashi / Yoshitani, Fuminori / Takahashi, Jun-ichi: "A highly intelligible speech synthesis for banking services in financial network system ANSER", 87-90.

Sanderman, Angelien / Sturm, Janienke / Os, Els den / Boves, Lou / Cremers, Anita: "Evaluation of the dutch train timetable information system developed in the ARISE project", 91-96.

Baggia, Paolo / Castagneri, Giuseppe / Danieli, Morena: "Field trials of the Italian arise train timetable system", 97-102.

Feldes, Stefan / Fries, Georg / Hagen, Eli / Wirth, Antje: "A design environment for acoustic interfaces to databases", 103-106.

Caloz, Gilles / Jaboulet, Cedric / Mariéthoz, Johnny / Glaeser, Axel / Genoud, Dominique: "Voice-b system", 107-111.

McAllister, David / Rodman, Robert / Bitzer, Donald / Freeman, Andrew: "Automated lip-sync animation as a telecommunications aid for the hearing impaired", 112-117.

Lavelle, Carine-Alexia / Calmes, Martine de / Pérennou, Guy: "A study of users' behaviors in different states of a spontaneous oral dialogue with an automatic inquiry system", 118-123.

Larrey, Pierre / Vigouroux, Nadine / Pérennou, Guy: "Towards a flexible and contextually appropriate generation of spoken utterances", 124-129.

Agelfors, Eva / Beskow, Jonas / Dahlquist, Martin / Granström, Björn / Lundeberg, Magnus / Spens, Karl-Erik / Öhman, Tobias: "Teleface - the use of a synthetic face for the hard of hearing", 130-134.

Cosi, Piero / Hosom, John-Paul / Shalkwyk, Johan / Sutton, Stephen / Cole, Ronald A.: "Connected digit recognition experiments with the OGI toolkit's neural network and HMM-based recognizers", 135-140.

Nouza, Jan / Holada, Miroslav: "A city information system operating over the telephone", 141-144.

Delogu, Cristina / Carlo, Andrea Di / Rotundi, Paolo / Sartori, Danilo: "A comparison between DTMF and ASRIVR services through objective and subjective evaluation", 145-150.

Raptis, S. / Malliopoulos, C. / Bakamidis, S. / Stainhaouer, G.: "A speech agent for remote e-mail access", 151-154.

Selouani, Sid-Ahmed / Caelen, Jean: "Arabic phonetic features recognition using modular connectionist architectures", 155-160.

Mahmoudi, Djamila: "Speech source localization using a multi-resolution technique", 161-165.

Karray, Lamia / Mokbel, Chafic / Monne, Jean: "Solutions for robust speech/non-speech detection in wireless environment", 166-170.

Miksic, Andrej / Kacic, Zdravko / Horvat, Bogomir: "O-TEL - an experimental reverse directory telephone service with barge-in capability", 171-174.

Littel, Bernhard / Bauer, Josef / Janke, Siegfried: "Speech recognition for the siemens EWSD public exchange", 175-178.

Moisa, Loreta / Baggia, Paolo / Popovici, Cosmin: "Language modelling in easydial", 179-184.

Whittaker, Steve / Scahill, Frank / Attwater, David / Geenhow, Hilary: "Practical issues in the application of speech technology to network and customer service applications", 185-190.

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