Marseille, France
June 16-18, 1997

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[LARYNX-1997] LARYNX 1997, Marseille, France, June16-18, 1997; ISCA Archive,

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Ackerstaff   Algaba   van As   Belloc   Bleakley   de Bodt   Boyanov (55)   Boyanov (139)   Brasnu, D. (109)   Brasnu, D. (133)   Brasnu, Z.   BUCELLA   Castelli   Cheesman   Cheetham   Crevier-Buchman (19)   Crevier-Buchman (133)   d'Alessandro   Dagli   Dehesdin   Demolin   Doskov (21)   Doskov (55)   Doskov (139)   Doval   Earis   Eysholdt   FOURCIN   Giovanni, A.   Giovanni, Antoine   Guarella   Guily   Hadjieva   Hadjitodorov (55)   Hadjitodorov (139)   HAMMARBERG   Hassid   Heim   Herrmann   Herzel   Heylen   van de Heyning   Hilgers (29)   Hilgers (105)   Jamart   Jessen (127)   Jessen (147)   Keus   Koopmans-van_Beinum (29)   Koopmans-van_Beinum (105)   Laccourreye (19)   Laccourreye (133)   Lecuit   Lefaucheur   Lindsey (33)   Lindsey (65)   Mahieu   Maran (33)   Maran (77)   Marasek (91)   Marasek (127)   Meeuwis   Mergell   Moine   Monfrais-Pfauwadel   Morsomme   Orban   Parker   Pillot   Le Pimpec-Barthes   Plante   Pützer   Remacle (25)   Remacle (73)   Remacle (99)   Revis   Riquet   Robert   Roubeau   Salian   SCHOENTGEN   Scholder   Schutte   Silva   Sock   Soquet   Staffieri   Tessier (19)   Tessier (133)   Teston (55)   Teston (139)   Tigges   TITZE   Traissac   Vaissière (109)   VAISSIÈRE (115)   Vaxelaire   Verdonck-de_Leeuw   Vescovi   Vieira (33)   Vieira (65)   Watson (33)   Watson (77)   Wittenberg   Wuyts  

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Fourcin, Adrian: "The larynx signal: aspects of production and perception", 1-10.

Hammarberg, Britta: "Perceptual evaluation of dysphonic voices", 11-18.

Crevier-Buchman, L. / Laccourreye, O. / Monfrais-Pfauwadel, M. C. / Pillot, C. / Tessier, C. / Brasnu, Z.: "Speech evaluation after supracricoid partial laryngectomy: preliminary results", 19-20.

Doskov, D. / Hadjieva, T.: "Objective voice analysis after radiotherapy for early glottic cancer", 21-24.

Morsomme, D. / Orban, A. / Remacle, M. / Jamart, J.: "Comparison of a vibrato study by a panel of judges and spectral voice analyser", 25-28.

Verdonck-de Leeuw, Irma M. / Koopmans-van Beinum, Florien J. / Hilgers, Frans J. M. / Keus, Ronald: "The development of an instrument to analyse voice quality of male patients with early glottic cancer", 29-32.

Lindsey, L. A. / Watson, C. / Vieira, M. N. / Maran, A. G. D.: "The edinburgh voice clinic manager - a practical multimedia acquisition and data base management system for the voice clinic", 33-36.

Schoentgen, Jean / Bucella, Fabrizio: "Acoustic analysis of dysphonic voices: descriptors and methods", 37-46.

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Titze, Ingo R.: "Laryngeal mathematical modeling and pathophysiologic implications", 59-64.

Lindsey, L. A. / Vieira, M. N.: "Modulation analysis - a new method for modelling and measurement of both the production and perception of vocal fold cycle perturbation", 65-68.

Demolin, D. / Giovanni, A. / Hassid, S. / Heim, C. / Lecuit, V. / Soquet, A.: "Direct and indirect measurements of subglottic pressure", 69-72.

Wuyts, F. L. / Heyning, P. K. Van de / Bodt, M. De / Heylen, L. / Remacle, M.: "Dysphonia severity index: a multiparameter approach for the assessment of voice quality", 73-76.

Watson, C. / Maran, A. G. D.: "Realistic and non realistic expectations for some routine objective measurements in the ENT voice clinic", 77-82.

Bleakley, C. J.: "Improved algorithms for automatic estimation of the glottal waveform", 83-86.

d'Alessandro, Christophe / Doval, Boris: "Spectral representation and modelling of glottal flow signals", 87-90.

Marasek, Krzysztof / Pützer, Manfred: "Electroglottographical differentiation of pathological voice qualities", 91-94.

Vescovi, Christophe / Castelli, Eric: "Control of a modified two-mass model for anthropomorphic synthesis", 95-98.

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Jessen, Michael / Marasek, Krzysztof: "Voice quality correlates of word stress and tense versus lax vowels in German", 127-130.

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Jessen, Michael: "A transillumination study of the opposition between voiced and voiceless consonants in German", 147-150.