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ESCA/SOCRATES Workshop on Method and Tool Innovations for Speech Science Education

April 16-17, 1999
University College, London, UK

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[MATISSE-1999] Method and Tool Innovations for Speech Science Education (M.A.T.I.S.S.E.), ESCA/SOCRATES Workshop, London, UK, April 16-17, 1999; ISCA Archive,

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Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL LETTERS to keynote speakers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts (ISCA members only). Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

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Keynote Papers

Berkovitz, Robert: "Design, development and evaluation of computer-assisted learning for speech science education", 9-16

Cole, Ron / Massaro, Dominic W. / Villiers, Jacques de / Rundle, Brian / Shobaki, Khaldoun / Wouters, Johan / Cohen, Michael / Baskow, Jonas / Stone, Patrick / Connors, Pamela / Tarachow, Alice / Solcher, Daniel: "New tools for interactive speech and language training: Using animated conversational agents in the classroom of profoundly deaf children", 45-52

Roach, Peter: "Developments in speech sciences curricula", 97-100

Oral Sessions

Carson-Berndsen, Julie / Gibbon, Dafydd: "Interactive Phonetics, virtually", 17-20.

Wrigley, Stuart / Cooke, Martin / Brown, Guy: "Interactive learning in speech and hearing",

Drygajlo, Andrzej / Delafontaine, Guy: "Using Java to develop interactive learning work-bench for speech analysis basics on the World-Wide Web", 25-28.

Beck, Janet M. / Lawson, Alistair M. / Mennen, Ineke: "InterPHACE: Internetworked links for PHonetic Analysis in Clinical Education", 29-32.

Körkkö, Pentti / Huttunen, Kerttu / Sorri, Martti: "HI-SIM v1.0: Hearing impairment simulation on a CD-ROM", 33-36.

Lyberg Åhlander, Viveka / Falk Nilsson, Eva / Wigforss, Eva / Rydell, Roland: "The Project for the Development of Multimedia Methods in Logopedics and Phoniatrics (PUMP)", 37-40.

Wigforss, Eva: "European Virtual University - ODL Voice Course", 41-44.

Hazan, Valerie /Dommelen, Wim van: "Curriculum development in phonetics education", 101-104

Bryndal, Malgorzata: "Phonetics teaching objectives in Polish universities", 105-108.

Giurgiu, Mircea: "Teaching digital speech processing for telecommunications ", 109-112

McTear, Michael F.: "Using the CSLU toolkit for practicals in spoken dialogue technology ", 113-116.

Kacic, Zdravko: "Laboratory course on speech processing using KHOROS development environment", 117-120

Nouza, Jan: "Teaching and Learning through Visualised Speech Processing Experiments ", 121-124.

Garzone, Giuliana / Santulli, Francesca: "Using hypertexts/hypermedia in the teaching of phonetics and phonology", 125.128.

Delmonte, Rodolfo: "A prosodic Module for self-learning activities", 129-132.

Fiandino, Christine / Green, Phil / Rouxeville, Annie: "Criteria for designing interactive exercises to learn French intonation", 133-136

Larson, Håkan: "Experiences of large scale implementation of speech analyzing tools in learning Swedish as second language", 137-140.

Sjölander, Kåre / Beskow, Jonas / Gustafson, Joakim / Carlson, Rolf / Granström, Björn: "Web-based educational tools for speech technology", 141-144.

Bowerman, Chris / Eriksson, Anders / Huckvale, Mark / Rosner, Mike / Tatham, Mark / Wolters, Maria: "Tutorial design for web-based teaching and learning ", 145-148.

Demonstration/Poster Sessions

Uhlir, Jan: "The set of exercises in digital speech processing ", 53-56.

Fellbaum, Klaus / Richter, Jörg: "A tutorial on human speech production using interactive modules", 57-60.

Hoffmann, Rüdiger / Kordon, Ulrich / Kürbis, Steffen / Ketzmerick, Bettina / Fellbaum, Klaus: "An interactive course on speech synthesis", 61-64

Bonneau, Anne / Laprie, Yves / Vaissière, Jacqueline: "Hypertext atlas of speech sounds", 65-68.

Kopecek, Ivan: "Speech sciences and visually impaired students", 69-72.

Carmell, Tim / Hosom, John-Paul / Cole, Ron: "An interactive course in spectrogram reading", 73-86.

Abberton, Evelyn / Fourcin, Adrian / Hu, Xinghui / Bootle, Colin / Miller, David: "Speech pattern element analysis and display - 'Lx Speech Studio'", 77-80

Howard, Sara / Perkins, Mick / Martland, Paul: "An integrated multi-media package for teaching clinical phonetics and linguistics", 81-84

Cutugno, Francesco / Fougeron, Cécile: "A tutorial on models of speech perception", 85-88

Laprie, Yves: "Snorri, a software for speech sciences", 89-92

Draxler, Christoph: "WWWSigTranscribe - Annotation via the WWW ", 93-96