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Multi-Lingual Interoperability in Speech Technology (MIST)

September 13-14, 1999
Leusden, The Netherlands

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[MIST-1999] Workshop on Multi-lingual Interoperability in Speech Technology (MIST), Leusden, The Netherlands, September 13-14, 1999, ISCA Archive,

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Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to tutorial speakers. There are no page numbers or paper numbers in this workshopsw. Not all the papers are available. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts (ISCA members only). Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

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Non-native Speech and Accents

Compernolle, Dirk van: "Speech recognition by goats, wolves, sheep and ... non-natives", Invited Tutorial Lecture.

Wanneroy, R. / Bilinski, E. / Barras, C. / Adda-Decker, Martine / Geoffrois, Edouard: "Acoustic-phonetic modeling of non-native speech for language identification".

Lindström, Anders / Eklund, Robert: "How Foreign are 'Foreign' Speech Sounds: Implications for Speech Recognition and Synthesis", paper not available.

Imperl, Bojan: "Clustering of Context Dependent Speech Units for Multilingual Speech Recognition", paper not available.

Leeuwen, David A. van / Orr, Rosemary: "Speech recognition of non-native speech using native and non-native acoustic models",

Human Perception and Assessment

Johnston, Denis: "Multilingual Services MIVA", paper not available.

Cole, Ronald A. / Serridge, Ben / Hosom, John-Paul / Cronk, Andrew / Kaiser, Ed: "A platform for multilingual research in spoken dialogue systems".

Sá Marta, Eduardo / Vieira de Sá, Luis: "Auditory features underlying cross-language human capabilities in stop consonant discrimination".

Voiers, William D.: "Uses of the diagnostic rhyme test (English version) for evaluating multilingual operability in aviation communications: An exploratory investigation",

Wijngaarden, Sander J. van: "Speech intelligibility of native and non-native speech",

Cross-Language Studies

Adda-Decker, Martine: "Interoperability in speech recognition and language identification", paper not available.

Micca, Giorgio / Palme, Enrico / Frasca, Alessandra: "Multilingual vocabularies in automatic speech recognition".

Uebler, Ulla: "Speech recognition in 7 languages",

Hunt, Melvyn / Bamberg, Paul / Tucker, Jay / Anderson, Steven: "A Military Operational Automatic Interpreting System", paper not available.

Köhler, Joachim: "Comparing three methods to create multilingual phone models for vocabulary independent speech recognition tasks".

Schultz, Tanja / Waibel, Alex: "Language adaptive LVCSR through polyphone decision tree specialization", paper not available.


Zissman, Marc A. / Berkling, Kay M.: "Automatic Language Identification", Invited Tutorial Lecture,

Durou, Geoffrey: "Multilingual text-independent speaker identification",

Pellegrino, François / Farinas, Jérôme / André-Obrecht, Régine: "Vowel system modeling: A complement to phonetic modeling in language identification",

Berkling, Kay / Vonwiller, Julie / Cleirigh, Chris: "SCoPE, syllable core and periphery evaluation: automatic syllabification and application to foreign accent identification",

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