Modeling Pronunciation Variation for Automatic Speech Recognition

Rolduc, The Netherlands
May 4-6, 1998

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[MPV-1998] Modeling Pronunciation Variation for Automatic Speech Recognition, Rolduc, The Netherlands, May 4-6, 1998, ed. by Helmer Strik, Judith M. Kessens, and Mirjam Wester; ISCA Archive,

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Adda-Decker, Martine / Lamel, Lori: "Pronunciation variants across systems, languages and speaking style", 1-6.

Bacchiani, M. / Ostendorf, Mari: "Joint acoustic unit design and lexicon generation", 7-12.

Beulen, K. / Ortmanns, S. / Eiden, A. / Martin, S. / Welling, L. / Overmann, J. / Ney, Hermann: "Pronunciation modelling in the RWTH large vocabulary speech recognizer", 13-16.

Bonaventura, P. / Gallocchio, F. / Mari, J. / Micca, G.: "Speech recognition methods for non-native pronunciation variations", 17-22.

Cremelie, Nick / Martens, Jean-Pierre: "In search of pronunciation rules", 23-28.

Ferreiros, Javier / Macias-Guarasa, Javier / Pardo, José M. / Villarrubia, Luis: "Introducing multiple pronunciations in Spanish speech recognition systems", 29-34.

Fosler-Lussier, Eric / Morgan, Nelson: "Effects of speaking rate and word frequency on conversational pronunciations", 35-40.

Fukada, Toshiaki / Yoshimura, Takayoshi / Sagisaka, Yoshinori: "Automatic generation of multiple pronunciations based on neural networks and language statistics", 41-46.

Greenberg, Steven: "Speaking in shorthand - a syllable-centric perspective for understanding pronunciation variation", 47-56.

Heine, Henrik / Evermann, Gunnar / Jost, Uwe: "An HMM-based probabilistic lexicon", 57-62.

Holter, Trym / Svendsen, Torbjorn: "Maximum likelihood modelling of pronunciation variation", 63-66.

Lehtinen, Gunnar / Safra, Schamai: "Generation and selection of pronunciation variants for a flexible word recognizer", 67-72.

Mokbel, Houda / Jouvet, Denis: "Derivation of the optimal phonetic transcription set for a word from its acoustic realisations", 73-78.

Mouria-Beji, Feriel: "Context and speed dependent phonemic models for continuous speech recognition", 79-84.

Nock, H. J. / Young, S. J.: "Detecting and correcting poor pronunciations for multiword units", 85-90.

Perennou, Guy / Brieussel-Pousse, Laure: "Phonological component in automatic speech recognition", 91-96.

Peters, S. Douglas / Stubley, Peter: "Visualizing speech trajectories", 97-102.

Polzin, Thomas S. / Waibel, Alexander: "Pronunciation variations in emotional speech", 103-108.

Riley, M. / Byrne, W. / Finke, M. / Khudanpur, S. / Ljolje, Andrej / McDonough, J. / Nock, K. / Saraclar, M. / Wooters, C. / Zavaliagkos, G.: "Stochastic pronunciation modelling from hand-labelled phonetic corpora", 109-116.

Ristad, Eric Sven / Yianilos, Peter N.: "A surficial pronunciation model", 117-120.

Roach, Peter / Arnfield, Simon: "Variation information in pronunciation dictionaries", 121-124.

Safra, Schamai / Lehtinen, Gunnar / Huber, Karl: "Modeling pronunciation variations and coarticulation with finite-state transducers in CSR", 125-130.

Schiel, Florian / Kipp, Andreas / Tillmann, Hans-Günther: "Statistical modelling of pronunciation: it's not the model, it's the data", 131-136.

Strik, Helmer / Cucchiarini, Catia: "Modeling pronunciation variation for ASR: overview and comparison of methods", 137-144.

Wester, Mirjam / Kessens, Judith M. / Strik, Helmer: "Improving the performance of a dutch CSR by modeling pronunciation variation", 145-150.

Williams, Gethin / Renals, Steve: "Confidence measures for evaluating pronunciation models", 151-156.

Wiseman, Richard / Downey, Simon: "Dynamic and static improvements to lexical baseforms", 157-162.