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2003 ISCA Workshop on Multilingual Spoken Document Retrieval (MSDR2003)

Hong Kong
April 4-5, 2003


The workshop was cancelled due to the atypical pneumonia (SARS) epidemia which hit parts of South-East Asia in spring 2003. The proceedings, which were ready for distribution at the time of the workshop, are now published here in this archive.

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[MSDR2003] 2003 ISCA Workshop on Multilingual Spoken Document Retrieval (MSDR2003), Hong Kong, April 4-5, 2003, ISCA Archive,

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Amaral (25)   Amaral (31)   Ariki   Chang   Chen, Kuan-Ting   Chen, Yong-Cheng   Cheng   Chien   Chuang   Franz   Fujii   Fung   Gauvain   Han   Hsieh   Hui   Ishikawa   Itou   Iyengar   Koumpis   Levov   Li, M.   Li, Yuk-Chi   Liu   Lo, Wai Kit   Lo, Yuen-Yee   Logan   Meinedo (25)   Meinedo (95)   Meng (7)   Meng (85)   Moreno   Neti   Neto (25)   Neto (95)   Nishida   Nock   Pan   Picheny   Prasangsit   Ramabhadran   Renals   Seide   Sun   Trancoso (25)   Trancoso (31)   Tuo   Wang, Hsin-Min (49)   Wang, Hsin-Min (79)   Wang, J.   Ward   Wu   Yan   Zhang  

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Oral Session

Logan, Beth / Prasangsit, Patrawadee / Moreno, Pedro: "Fusion of semantic and acoustic approaches for spoken document retrieval", 1-6.

Hui, Pui Yu / Lo, Wai Kit / Meng, Helen M.: "Two robust methods for cantonese spoken document retrieval", 7-12.

Fujii, Atsushi / Itou, Katunobu / Ishikawa, Tetsuya: "LODEM: a multilingual lecture-on-demand system", 13-18.

Koumpis, Konstantinos / Renals, Steve: "Evaluation of extractive voicemail summarization", 19-24.

Neto, Joćo P. / Meinedo, Hugo / Amaral, Rui / Trancoso, Isabel: "A system for selective dissemination of multimedia information resulting from the ALERT project", 25-30.

Amaral, Rui / Trancoso, Isabel: "Segmentation and indexation of broadcast news", 31-36.

Franz, Martin / Ramabhadran, Bhuvana / Ward, Todd / Picheny, Michael: "Information access in large spoken archives", 37-42.

Lo, Yuen-Yee / Gauvain, Jean-Luc: "Tracking topics in broadcast news data", 43-48.

Poster Session

Wang, Hsin-Min / Cheng, Shi-Sian / Chen, Yong-Cheng: "The sovideo broadcast news retrieval system for Mandarin Chinese", 49-54.

Hsieh, Jia-Hsin / Wu, Chung-Hsien / Fung, Kuao-Ann: "Two-stage story segmentation and detection on broadcast news using genetic algorithm", 55-60.

Ariki, Y. / Nishida, M.: "Speaker naming system by associating speech and speaker recognition results", 61-66.

Nock, H. J. / Iyengar, G. / Neti, C.: "Issues in speech-based retrieval of video", 67-72.

Levov, Gina-Anne: "Multi-scale document expansion for Mandarin Chinese", 73-78.

Chen, Kuan-Ting / Chuang, Shui-Lung / Seide, Frank / Wang, Hsin-Min / Chien, Lee-Feng / Chang, Eric: "New word learning for spoken document processing through discovery of comparable texts from external resources", 79-84.

Li, Yuk-Chi / Meng, Helen M.: "Document expansion using a side collection for monolingual and cross-language spoken document retrieval", 85-90.

Zhang, J. / Liu, J. / Li, M. / Pan, J. / Han, J. / Tuo, L. / Sun, B. / Wang, J. / Yan, Y.: "The design and implementation of a concept prototype for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games", 91-94.

Meinedo, Hugo / Neto, Joćo P.: "Automatic speech annotation and transcription in a broadcast news task", 95-100.