Phonetics and Phonology of Speaking Styles: Reduction and Elaboration in Speech Communication

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
September 30 - October 2, 1991


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[PPoSpSt-1991] Phonetics and Phonology of Speaking Styles: Reduction and Elaboration in Speech Communication, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, September 30 - October 2, 1991; ISCA Archive,

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Aguilar Cuevas   ARGENTE   Ball   Barry, Martin C.   Barry, William   van Bergem   Bhatt   Blaauw   BROWNLEE   Bruce   Caelen-Haumont   Cagliari   Carrió Font   Castelli   Cid Uribe   Cutler   DAVIS   Delgado-Martins   Dohalská-Zichová   Duez   Elordui   Faber   Fant   Farnetani   Fear   Fernandez Corugedo   Foldvik   Freitas   Fretheim   Gandarias Olaeta   Gobl   Grabe   GRANSTRÖM (003)   Granström (027)   Greisbach   Grice   Hansen   Harmegnies   Hieronymus   Karlsson   Kelm   Knowles   Koopmans-van Beinum   Kruckenberg   Kvale   Lacheret-Dujour   Laporte   Léon   LINDBLOM   Machuca Ayuso   Martínez Dauden   Maturi   Millar   Monaghan   MOON   Moore   Ní Chasaide   Nord (023)   Nord (027)   Ogden   OHALA (005)   Ohala (049)   Ońederra   Poch-Olivé   Ríos Mestre   RISCHEL   Roach   Romeas   Schulzová   Scully   Solé   Sussman   Touati   Williams  

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Argente, Joan A.: "From speech to speaking styles", paper 001.

Granström, Björn: "The use of speech synthesis in exploring different speaking styles", paper 003.

Lindblom, Björn / Brownlee, S. / Davis, B. / Moon, S. J.: "Speech transforms", paper 004.

Ohala, John J.: "What is the input to the speech production mechanism?", paper 005.

Rischel, Jřrgen: "Formal linguistics and real speech", paper 006.

Contributed Papers

Aguilar Cuevas, Lourdes / Machuca Ayuso, M. Jesus / Martínez Dauden, Gemma: "Analysis of the Spanish sequence "de" in content words and in function words in continuous speech", paper 007.

Ball, Martin J. : "Connected speech in Welsh: stress and pitch in conflict", paper 008.

Barry, Martin C.: "Assimilation and palatalisation in connected speech", paper 009.

Bergem, Dick R. van: "Acoustic and lexical vowel reduction", paper 010.

Bhatt, Parth / Léon, Pierre: "Melodic patterns in three types of radio discourse", paper 011.

Blaauw, Eleonora: "Phonetic characteristics of spontaneous and read-aloud speech", paper 012.

Bruce, Gösta / Touati, Paul: "On the analysis of prosody in spontaneous speech with exemplification from Swedish and French", paper 013.

Caelen-Haumont, Genevieve: "Linguistic and prosodic features of speaking styles in French text readings", paper 014.

Cagliari, Luiz Carlos: "Linguistic functions of prosody", paper 015.

Carrió Font, Mar / Ríos Mestre, Antonio: "Compensatory shortening in Spanish spontaneous speech", paper 016.

Cid Uribe, Miriam / Fernandez Corugedo, Santiago G.: "The construction of a corpus of spoken Spanish: phonetic and phonological parameters", paper 017.

Cutler, Anne / Fear, Beverley: "Categoricality in acceptability judgements for strong versus weak vowels", paper 018.

Delgado-Martins, Maria Raquel / Freitas, Maria Joao: "Temporal structures of speech: "reading news on TV"", paper 019.

Dohalská-Zichová, Marie: "Stability of Czech vowels studied in three different corps", paper 020.

Duez, Danielle: "Some factors affecting F2-patterns in spontaneous speech in French", paper 021.

Elordui, Agurtzane / Ońederra, Miren Lourdes: "Speech styles and the pronunciation of Basque in TV", paper 022.

Fant, Gunnar / Kruckenberg, Anita / Nord, Lennart: "Some observations on tempo and speaking style in Swedish text reading", paper 023.

Farnetani, Edda / Faber, Alice: "Vowel production in isolated words and in connected speech: an investigation of the linguo-mandibular subsystem", paper 024.

Fretheim, Thorstein: "The structural and pragmatic basis of an intonational reduction process in colloquial Norwegian", paper 025.

Gandarias Olaeta, M. Rosario: "On the rhythmical type of Basque", paper 026.

Granström, Björn / Nord, Lennart: "Neglected dimensions in speech synthesis", paper 027.

Greisbach, Reinhold: "Some aspects of maximally fast reading style", paper 028.

Grice, Martine / Barry, William: "Phonetic units by ear and eye", paper 029.

Hansen, Anita Berit: "The covariation of [@] with style in Parisian French: an empirical study of 'e caduc' and pre-pausal [@]", paper 030.

Harmegnies, Bernard / Poch-Olivé, Dolors: "Some aspects of vowel reduction in Spanish spontaneous speech", paper 031.

Hieronymus, James L. / Williams, Briony J.: "A comparison of the prosody in read speech and directed monologue in British English", paper 032.

Karlsson, Inger: "Modelling voice variations in female speech synthesis", paper 033.

Kelm, Orlando R.: "Intrinsic difficulties with the terms 'stress-timing' and 'syllable-timing' for Spanish and Portuguese", paper 034.

Knowles, Gerry: "The Lancaster/IBM spoken English corpus: a database for research into speaking styles", paper 035.

Koopmans-van Beinum, Florien J.: "Spectro-temporal reduction and expansion in spontaneous speech and read text: focus words versus non-focus words", paper 036.

Kvale, Knut / Foldvik, Arne Kjell: "Manual segmentation and labelling of continuous speech", paper 037.

Lacheret-Dujour, Anne: "Phonological variations in read speech, reduction phenomena and speaker classes: do allophonic choices represent speaking style?", paper 038.

Laporte, Eric: "A formal tool for modelling "standard" phonetic variations", paper 039.

Maturi, Pietro: "Spontaneous speech and phonological models: the role of signal-independent information in linguistic communication", paper 040.

Monaghan, Alex I. C.: "Accentuation and speech rate in the CSTR TTS system", paper 041.

Moore, Kate: "Segment reduction and expansion in Finnish: a comparison of read and spontaneous speech", paper 042.

Ní Chasaide, Ailbhe / Gobl, Christer: "Phonatory correlates of speaking style", paper 043.

Ogden, Richard: "A non-segmental phonetic and phonological analysis of variation in natural speech", paper 044.

Roach, Peter / Millar, Dave: "Syllabic consonants at different speaking rates: a problem for automatic recognition", paper 045.

Romeas, Pascal: "Prosodic effects of reiteration in man-machine dialog by voice", paper 046.

Scully, Celia / Grabe, Esther / Castelli, Eric: "Comparison of some articulatory paths for fricatives in slow speech-like sequences and in connected speech", paper 047.

Schulzová, Olga: "The speech reduction under the influence of nonverbal factors", paper 048.

Solé, Maria Josep / Ohala, John J.: "The phonological representation of reduced forms", paper 049.

Sussman, Harvey M.: "An investigation of locus equations as a source of relational invariance for stop place categorization", paper 050.