Second ISCA/DEGA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems

Berlin, Germany
September 4-6, 2006

Quality in Context - An Ecological Approach to Assessing QoS for Mobile TV

M. Angela Sasse, Hendrik Knoche

Department of Computer Science, University College London, UK

The paper presents an overview of Quality of Service (QoS) definitions, and reviews approaches to identifying quality requirements for audio and video quality in the context of novel multimedia services. We advocate an approach that maximizes ecological validity. It is important to recruit participants from the expected user population, create realistic tasks and using real material, and use an assessment method that creates minimal load on study participants. Finally, it is important to replicate all physical factors that affect quality in the eventual context of use. We present an example of how we apply this approach to identifying video quality requirements for mobile TV viewing.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Sasse, M. Angela / Knoche, Hendrik (2006): "Quality in context - an ecological approach to assessing qos for mobile TV", In PQS-2006, 11-20.