Second ISCA/DEGA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems

Berlin, Germany
September 4-6, 2006

Redrawing the Link Between Customer Satisfaction and Speech Quality

Noël Chateau, Laetitia Gros, Virginie Durin, Amélie Macé

France Telecom, R&D Division, Technologies R&D Center, France

This paper analyzes the actual usage of Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) in the telecommunication industry and looks back to the tremendous evolutions that has encountered this sector since subjective test methodologies were standardized by ITUT. It is pointed out that MOS have severe drawbacks and that test methods should evolve by taking into account valuable inputs from connected research fields such as the psychology of emotions, cognitive science, usability engineering and marketing research.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Chateau, Noël / Gros, Laetitia / Durin, Virginie / Macé, Amélie (2006): "Redrawing the link between customer satisfaction and speech quality", In PQS-2006, 89-95.