ESCA Workshop on Prosody

Lund, Sweden
September 27-29, 1993

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[Prosody-1993] ESCA Workshop on Prosody, Lund, Sweden, September 27-29, 1993. ed. by David House and Paul Touati, ISCA Archive,; Working Papers 41, Department of Linguistics and Phonetics, University of Lund

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts


Ladd, D. Robert: "Notes on the phonology of prominence", 10-15.

Cruttenden, Alan: "The de-accenting and re-accenting of repeated lexical items", 16-19.

Grřnnum, Nina: "Rhythm in regional variants of standard danish", 20-23.

Grabe, Esther / Warren, Paul / Nolan, Francis: "Resolving category ambiguities - evidence from stress shift", 24-27.

Hermes, Dik J. / Rump, H. H.: "The role of pitch in lending prominence to syllables", 28-31.


Hirst, Daniel: "Peak, boundary and cohesion characteristics of prosodic grouping", 32-37.

Campbell, W. Nick: "Durational cues to prominence and grouping", 38-41.

Fant, Gunnar / Kruckenberg, Anita: "Towards an integrated view of stress correlates", 42-45.

Nagano-Madsen, Yasuko: "The grouping function of F0 and duration in two prosodically diverse languages - Eskimo and Yoruba", 46-49.

Wichmann, Anne: "F0 troughs and prosodic phrasing", 50-53.

Levac, Louise / Cedergren, Henrietta J. / Perreault, Hélčne: "Phonetic evidence of narrow and wide temporal scope for prosodic constituents in French", 54-57.

Fretheim, Thorstein / Nilsen, Randi Alice: "How to tell h% from l% in right-detached expressions in Norwegian", 58-61.

Synthesis and TTS Demo

Aubergé, Véronique: "Prosody modeling with a dynamic lexicon of intonative forms: application for text-to-speech synthesis", 62-65.

Barbosa, P. / Bailly, Gérard: "Generation and evaluation of rhythmic patterns for text-to-speech synthesis", 66-69.

Epitropakis, George / Yiourgalis, Nikos / Kokkinakis, George: "High quality intonation algorithm for the greek TTS - system", 70-73.

López-Gonzalo, Eduardo / Hernández-Gómez, Luis A.: "Prosodic modelling for a text-to-speech system in Spanish", 74-77.

Quazza, Silvia / Salza, Pier Luigi / Sandri, Stefano / Spini, Alberto: "Prosodic control in a text-to-speech system for Italian", 78-81.

Stensby, Sverre / Horvei, Berit / Ottesen, Georg E.: "Lexicon and prosodic structure in a text-to-speech system", 82-85.

Taylor, Paul: "Synthesizing intonation using the RFC model", 86-89.


Hirschberg, Julia: "Studies of intonation and discourse", 90-95.

Swerts, Marc: "On the prosodic prediction of discourse finality", 96-99.

Botinis, Antonis: "Intonation and prosodic coherence in greek discourse", 100-103.

Garrido, Juan María: "Analysis of global pitch contour domains at paragraph level in Spanish reading text", 104-107.

Geluykens, Ronald / Swerts, Marc: "Local and global prosodic cues to discourse organization in dialogues", 108-111.

Batliner, Anton / Weiand, C. / Kießling, Andreas / Nöth, Elmar: "Why sentence modality in spontaneous speech is more difficult to classify and why this fact is not too bad for prosody", 112-115.

Yang, Li-chiung: "Prosodic diversity in Mandarin natural discourse", 116-119.

Prominence, Grouping, and Discourse

Bacri, Nicole / Banel, Marie-Hélčne: "Rhythmic patterns and lexical parsing in French", 120-123.

Caelen-Haumont, Genevičve: "Duration and energy indices: a convergent deep organization of grouping and phrasing", 124-127.

Guaďtella, Isabelle: "Functional, acoustical and perceptual analysis of vocal hesitations in spontaneous speech", 128-131.

Heuven, Vincent J. van: "On the temporal domain of focal accent", 132-135.

Hofhuis, Elise: "Establishing prosodic structure by measuring segment duration", 136-139.

Kießling, Andreas / Kompe, Ralf / Niemann, Heinrich / Nöth, Elmar / Batliner, Anton: ""roger", "sorry", "i'm still listening": dialog guiding signals in information retrieval dialogs", 140-143.

Kowtko, Jacqueline: "Cross-speaker influences on intonation in dialogue", 144-147.

Krull, Diana: "Word-prosodic features in estonian conversational speech: some preliminary results", 148-151.

Leandri, Sylvie: "Prosodic aspects of reported speech", 152-155.

Mertens, Piet: "International grouping, boundaries, and syntactic structure in French", 156-159.

Hansen, Peter Molbćk / Petersen, Niels Reinholt / Spang-Hanssen, Ebbe: "Syntax, pauses, and temporal relations in the final part of the sentence", 160-163.

Nakatani, Christine: "Accenting on pronouns and proper names in spontaneous narrative", 164-167.

Touati, Paul: "Prosodic aspects of Political rhetoric", 168-171.

Zitter, Aart De / Coile, Bert Van: "Intonational consequences of varying the accent location", 172-175.

Models, Perception, and Applications

Batliner, Anton / Burger, Susanne / Johne, B. / Kießling, Andreas: "MÜSLI: a classification scheme for laryngealizations", 176-179.

Bruce, Gösta / Granström, Björn / Gustafson, Kjell / House, David: "Prosodic modelling of phrasing in Swedish", 180-183.

Carbonell, Noëlle / Laprie, Yves: "Automatic detection of prosodic cues for segmenting continuous speech into supralexical units", 184-187.

Caspers, Johanneke / Heuven, Vincent J. van: "Perception of low-anchoring versus high-anchoring of dutch accent-lending pitch rises", 188-191.

Günther, Carsten: "A cognitive approach to planning and representation of prosodic features in a concept-to-speech system", 192-195.

Hargrove, Patricia M. / McGarr, Nancy S.: "A transdisciplinary model for prosody applied to the teaching of clinical populations", 196-199.

Hirose, Keikichi / Minematsu, Nobuaki / Ito, Mika: "Experimental study on the role of prosodic features in the human process of spoken word perception", 200-203.

Hirst, Daniel / Cristo, Albert Di / Besnerais, Martine Le / Najim, Zohra / Nicolas, Pascale / Romeas, Pascal: "Multi-lingual modelling of intonation patterns", 204-207.

Horne, Merle / Filipsson, Marcus / Johansson, Christer / Ljungqvist, Mats / Lindstrom, Anders: "Improving the prosody in TTS systems: morphological and lexical-semantic methods for tracking 'new' vs. 'given' information", 208-211.

Keller, Eric / Zellner, Brigitte / Werner, Stefan / Blanchoud, Nicole: "The prediction of prosodic timing: rules for final syllable lengthening in French", 212-215.

Möbius, Bernd: "Perceptual evaluation of rule-generated intonation contours for German interrogatives", 216-219.

Pasdeloup, Valérie / Morais, José / Kolinsky, Régine: "Perceptual evidence for separate processing of stress pattern and phonemic string", 220-223.

Santi, Serge / Guaďtella, Isabelle: "Judgement on quality and diagnostic evaluation of synthetic prosody", 224-227.


Terken, Jacques: "Issues in the perception of prosody", 228-233.

d'Alessandro, Christophe: "A numerical model of pitch perception for short-duration vocal tones: application to intonation analysis", 234-237.

Reyelt, Matthias: "Experimental investigation on the perceptual consistency and the automatic recognition of prosodic units in spoken German", 238-241.

Bosch, Louis ten: "Algorithmic classification of pitch movements", 242-245.

Sluijter, Agaath M. C. / Heuven, Vincent J. van: "Perceptual cues of linguistic stress: intensity revisited", 246-249.

Fox, Robert Allen / Lehiste, Ilse: "Effect of pitch movement timing on perceived duration and prominence in estonian and English listeners", 250-253.

Fujisaki, Hiroya / Hirose, Keikichi: "Analysis and perception of intonation expressing paralinguistic information in spoken Japanese", 254-257.

Production, Models, and Synthesis

Beckman, Mary E.: "Modeling the production of prosody", 258-263.

Kraayeveld, J. / Rietveld, A. C. M. / Heuven, Vincent J. van: "Speaker specificity in prosodic parameters", 264-267.

Cristo, Albert Di / Hirst, Daniel: "Prosodic regularities in the surface structure of French questions", 268-271.

Ostendorf, Mari / Price, Patti J. / Shattuck-Hufnagel, Stephanie: "Combining statistical and linguistic methods for modeling prosody", 272-275.

Martin, Philippe: "Models and reality: from intonation theory to intonation curves", 276-279.

Bartkova, Katarina / Haffner, P. / Larreur, Danielle: "Intensity prediction for speech synthesis in French", 280-283.