COST278 and ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on Robustness Issues in Conversational Interaction

University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
August 30-31, 2004

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[Robust2004] COST278 and ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on Robustness Issues in Conversational Interaction, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, August 30-31, 2004; ISCA Archive,

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Robustness Against Environmental Noise

Rose, Richard: "Environmental robustness in automatic speech recognition", paper KRR.

Stouten, Veronique / Hamme, Hugo Van / Wambacq, Patrick: "Multiple stream model-based feature enhancement for noise robust speech recognition", paper 12.

Yan, Qin / Zavarehei, Esfandiar / Vaseghi, Saeed / Rentzos, Dimitrios: "A formant tracking LP model for speech processing in car/train noise", paper 14.

Dat, Tran Huy / Takeda, Kazuya / Itakura, Fumitada: "Robust SNR estimation of noisy speech based on Gaussian mixture modeling on log-power domain", paper 15.

Tyagi, Vivek / Wellekens, Christian: "On de-emphasizing the spurious components in the spectral modulation for robust speech recognition", paper 24.

Erdogan, Hakan: "Subspace kernel discriminant analysis for speech recognition", paper 26.

Képesi, Marián / Weruaga, Luis: "Harmonic tracking-based short-time chirp analysis of speech signals", paper 28.

Tatarinov, Jirí / Pollák, Petr: "Hidden Markov models in voice activity detection", paper 37.

Strand, Ole Morten / Egeberg, Andreas: "Cepstral mean and variance normalization in the model domain", paper 38.

Darch, Jonathan / Milner, Ben / Shao, Xu: "Formant prediction from MFCC vectors", paper 40.

Robustness Against Unreliable Transmission Channels

Pearce, David: "Robustness to transmission channel - the DSR approach", paper KDP.

Cardenal-López, Antonio / García-Mateo, Carmen: "Correlation based soft-decoding for distributed speech recognition over IP networks", paper 27.

Gómez, Angel M. / Peinado, Antonio M. / Sánchez, Victoria / Milner, Ben P. / Rubio, Antonio J.: "Statistical-based reconstruction methods for speech recognition in IP networks", paper 32.

Milner, Ben P. / James, Alastair: "Packet loss modelling for distributed speech recognition", paper 41.

James, Alastair / Milner, Ben P.: "Towards improving the robustness of distributed speech recognition in packet loss", paper 42.

Tan, Zheng-Hua / Lindberg, Břrge / Dalsgaard, Paul: "A comparative study of feature-domain error concealment techniques for distributed speech recognition", paper 44.

Robust Conversational System Design

Boves, Lou: "Robust conversational system design", paper KLB.

Pettersen, Svein G. / Johnsen, Magne H. / Myrvoll, Tor A.: "Task independent speech verification using SB-MVE trained phone models", paper 10.

Skantze, Gabriel / Edlund, Jens: "Early error detection on word level", paper 17.

Skantze, Gabriel / Edlund, Jens: "Robust interpretation in the HIGGINS spoken dialogue system", paper 18.

Hajdinjak, Melita / Mihelic, France: "Flexible knowledge representation for robust dialogue management", paper 23.

McEleney, Bryan / O’Hare, Gregory: "Dynamic choice of robust strategies in dialogue management", paper 29.

Black, William / Conroy, Andrew / Funk, Adam / Ramsay, Allan / Stairmand, Mark / Thompson, Paul: "Making an information state-based spoken dialogue system less fragile", paper 30.

Neto, Joăo P. / Cassaca, Renato: "A robust input interface in the scope of the project interactive home of the future", paper 34.

Nguyen, Hoá / Caelen, Jean: "Multi-session dialogue modeling and management in spoken dialogue system", paper 35.

Inclusion of Non-Speech Modalities to Improve Robustness

Cohen, Philip R. / Kumar, Sanjeev / Kaiser, Ed: "Robust multimodal interaction in challenging environments", paper KPC.

Erzin, Engin / Yemez, Yücel / Tekalp, A. Murat: "Multimodal speaker identification using adaptive decision fusion with reliability weighted summation", paper 16.

Zhang, Zhipeng / Manabe, Hiroyuki / Horikoshi, Tsutomu / Ohya, Tomoyuki: "Robust methods for EMG signal processing for audio-EMG-based multi-modal speech recognition", paper 21.

Fröhlich, Peter: "Increasing interaction robustness of speech-enabled mobile applications by enhancing speech output with non-speech sound", paper 22.

Dupont, Stéphane / Ris, Christophe / Bachelart, Damien: "Combined use of close-talk and throat microphones for improved speech recognition under non-stationary background noise", paper 31.

Yoshinaga, Tomoaki / Tamura, Satoshi / Iwano, Koji / Furui, Sadaoki: "Audio-visual speech recognition using new lip features extracted from side-face images", paper 33.

Robustness to Speaker Variability

Duchateau, Jacques / Laureys, Tom / Wambacq, Patrick: "Adding robustness to language models for spontaneous speech recognition", paper 11.

Zgank, Andrej / Kacic, Zdravko / Vicsi, Klara / Szaszak, Gyorgy / Diehl, Frank / Juhar, Jozef / Lihan, Slavomir: "Crosslingual transfer of source acoustic models to two different target languages", paper 19.

Stouten, Frederik / Martens, Jean-Pierre: "Benefits of disfluency detection in spontaneous speech recognition", paper 20.

Gajic, Bojana / Markhus, Vidar / Pettersen, Svein Gunnar / Johnsen, Magne Hallstein: "Automatic recognition of spontaneously dictated medical records for norwegian", paper 43.