ETRW on Speaker Characterization in Speech Technology

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
June 26-28, 1990

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[SCST-1990] Speaker Characterization in Speech Technology, ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop, ed. by John Laver, Marvyn Jack, and Alison Gardener, ISCA Archive,

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Tutorial Papers

Bamberg, Paul G.: "Adaptable phoneme-based models for large-vocabulary speech recognition", 1-9.

Furui, Sadaoki: "Speaker-dependent-feature extraction, recognition and processing techniques", 10-27.

Carlson, Rolf / Granstr÷m, Bj÷rn / Karlsson, Inger: "Experiments with voice modelling in speech synthesis", 28-39.

Conference Papers

Abe, Masanobu / Shikano, Kiyohiro / Kuwabara, Hisao: "Voice conversion for an interpreting telephone", 40-45.

Bamberg, Paul G. / Mandel, Mark A.: "Adaptation performance in a large-vocabulary recognizer", 46-52.

Bitzer, B. / Domer, R.: "Speech-training-system for the deaf", 53-57.

Blomberg, Mats: "Adaptation to a speaker's voice in a speech recognition system based on synthetic phoneme references", 58-65.

Bonneau-Maynard, H.: "Vector quantization for speaker adaptation: results on a 5000-word database", 66-71.

Broeders, A. P. A. / Rietveld, A. C. M.: "The effect of cognitive stress on pitch and duration", 72-77.

Campbell, W. Nick: "Timing invariance in read speech", 78-82.

Krom, Guus de: "A new cepstrum-based technique for the estimation of spectral signal-to-noise ratios in speech signals", 83-93.

Eatock, J. / Mason, J. S.: "Speaker-dependent speech classification in speaker recognition", 94-97.

Falcone, Mauro / Paoloni, Andrea: "Phonemic classification in mufti speakers and speaker independent environment", 98-105.

Fant, Gunnar / Kruckenberg, Anita / Nord, Lennart: "Prosodic and segmental speaker variations", 106-120.

Hermes, Dik J.: "Synthesis of breathy vowels", 121-126.

Hieronymus, James L.: "Formant normalisation for speech recognition and vowel studies", 127-130.

Javkin, Hector / Hanson, Brian / Kaun, Abigail: "The effects of breathy voice on intelligibility", 131-134.

Kraayeveld, J. / Rietveld, A. C. M. / Heuven, Vincent J. J. P. van: "Prosodic speaker characteristics in Dutch", 135-139.

Kuwabara, Hisao / Takagi, T.: "Acoustic parameters of voice individuality and voice-quality control by analysis-synthesis method", 140-142.

Lacheret-Dujour, Anne / EskÚnazi, Maxine: "Individual phonological variations in continuous speech", 143-148.

Lhote, Elisabeth / Abou Haidar, Laura: "Speaker verification by a vocal proxemy cue", 149-154.

Maturi, Pietro: "Speaker identification in forensics: a simulation experiment", 155-160.

Millar, J. Bruce / Hawkins, S. R.: "Selecting representative speakers", 161-166.

Monaghan, Alex I. C. / Ladd, D. Robert: "Speaker-dependent and speaker-independent parameters in intonation", 167-174.

Schoentgen, Jean / Guchteneere, Raoul de: "An algorithm for the measurement of jitter", 175-180.

Skvarc, Jure / Miletic, Marijan: "Speaker sex estimation", 181-186.

ThÚvenaz, P. / HŘgli, H.: "Combining four text independent speaker recognition methods", 187-191.

Tielen, M. T. J.: "Perception of the voices of men and women in relation to their profession", 192-197.

Heuvel, Henk van den / Cranen, Bert / Rietveld, A. C. M.: "Inter- and intra-speaker variability in Dutch speech segments: towards an analysis framework", 198-203.