ESCA Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems

Vigs, Denmark
May 30 - June 2, 1995

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[SDS-1995] ESCA Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems, Vigs, Denmark, May 30 - June 2, 1995, ed. by Paul Dalsgaard, Lars Bo Larsen, Louis Boves, and Ib Thomsen, ISCA Archive,

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Invited Papers

Peckham, Jeremy: "Conversational interaction: breaking the usability barrier", 1-8.

Furui, Sadaoki: "Prospects for spoken dialogue systems in a multimedia environment", 9-16.

Speech Understanding

Lamel, Lori F. / Bennacef, S. K. / Bonneau-Maynard, H. / Rosset, S. / Gauvain, Jean-Luc: "Recent developments in spoken language sytems for information retrieval", 17-20.

Kawahara, Tatsuya / Araki, Masahiro / Doshita, Shuji: "Comparison of parsing and spotting approaches for spoken dialogue understanding", 21-24.

Hidano, Masaru / Itoh, Toshihiko / Yamamoto, Mikio / Nakagawa, Seiichi: "Spontaneous speech understanding for a dialogue system", 25-28.

Discourse Modelling

Young, Sheryl R. / Ward, Wayne H.: "The role of higher-level semantic, pragmatic and discourse knowledge in recognizing and understanding new spoken words and phrases", 29-32.

Reithinger, Norbert / Maier, Elisabeth / Alexandersson, Jan: "Treatment of incomplete dialogues in a speech-to-speech translation system", 33-36.

Taleb, Latifa / Luzzati, Daniel: "Finalized spoken dialogue modelling based on communication failure", 37-40.

Language Modelling

Iwadera, Toshiaki / Ishizaki, Masato / Morimoto, Tsuyoshi: "Recognizing an interactional structure and topics of task-oriented dialogues", 41-44.

Bird, Stuart / Browning, Sue / Moore, Roger / Russell, Martin: "Dialogue move recognition using topic spotting techniques", 45-48.

Trancoso, Isabel / Ribeiro, Carlos / Rodrigues, Ricardo / Rosa, Miguel: "Issues in speech recognition applied to directory listing retrieval", 49-52.

Lewin, I. / Pulman, S. G.: "Inference in the resolution of ellipsis", 53-56.

Hanrieder, Gerhard / Grz, Gnther: "Robust parsing of spoken dialogue using contextual knowledge and recognition probabilities", 57-60.

Bellalem, Nadia / Romary, Laurent / Schang, Daniel: "Which representation for a proper treatment of referring expressions in a man-machine multimodal dialogue", 61-64.

Pepelnjak, K. / Gros, Jerneja / Mihelic, F. / Pavesic, N.: "Linguistic analysis in a slovenian information retrieval system for flight services", 65-68.

Fais, Laurel / Loken-Kim, Kyung-ho: "Lexical accommodation in human-interpreted and machine-interpreted dual language interactions", 69-72.

Wakita, Yumi / Singer, Harald / Sagisaka, Yoshinori: "Phoneme candidate re-entry modeling using recognition error characteristics over multiple HMM states", 73-76.

Cettolo, Mauro / Corazza, Anna / Mori, Renato De: "Automatic learning of sentence dependencies in spoken dialogues", 77-80.

Systems Overview

Bertenstam, Johan / Beskow, Jonas / Blomberg, Mats / Carlson, Rolf / Elenius, Kjell / Granstrm, Bjrn / Gustafson, Joakim / Hunnicutt, Sheri / Hgberg, Jesper / Lindell, Roger / Neovius, Lennart / Nord, Lennart / Serpa-Leitao, Antonio de / Strm, Nikko: "The waxholm system - a progress report", 81-84.

Pieraccini, Roberto / Levin, Esther: "A spontaneous-speech understanding system for database query applications", 85-88.

Baekgaard, Anders / Bernsen, Niels Ole / Brndsted, T. / Dalsgaard, Paul / Dybkjr, Hans / Dybkjr, Laila / Kristiansen, J. / Larsen, Lars Bo / Lindberg, Brge / Maegaard, B. / Music, B. / Offersgaard, L. / Povlsen, C.: "The danish spoken language dialogue project - a general overview", 89-92.

Human Factors

Dybkjr, Laila / Bernsen, Niels Ole / Dybkjr, Hans: "Scenario design for spoken language dialogue systems development", 93-96.

Mellor, Brian / O'Connor, Cian: "User adaptation to voice input interfaces", 97-100.

Chapelier, Laurent / Fay-Varnier, Christine / Roussanaly, Azim: "Modelling an intelligent help system from a wizard of oz experiment", 101-104.

Systems and Tools

Baekgaard, Anders: "A platform for spoken dialogue systems", 105-108.

Ball, J. Eugene / Ling, Daniel T.: "Spoken language processing in the persona conversational assistant", 109-112.

Whittaker, Steve / Attwater, David: "Advanced speech applications - the integration of speech technology into complex services", 113-116.

Mellor, Brian / Tomlinson, Mike / Coleman, Nick: "The generic user interface design environment (GUIDE) - overview and features", 117-120.

Aust, Harald / Oerder, Martin: "Dialogue control in automatic inquiry systems", 121-124.

Nielsen, Jrn Stern: "Using automatic speech recognition in supplementary services experiences and results from an extensive test", 125-128.

Naito, Masaki / Kuroiwa, Shingo / Takeda, Kazuya / Yamamoto, Seiichi / Yato, Fumihiro: "A real-time speech dialogue system for a voice activated telephone extension service", 129-132.

Souvay, Gilles / Pierrel, Jean-Marie: "DIAPASON - a development environment for the integration of an oral input in machine control applications", 133-136.

Carlson, Rolf / Hunnicutt, Sheri / Gustafsson, Joakim: "Dialog management in the waxholm system", 137-140.

Fanty, Mark / Sutton, Stephen / Novick, David G. / Cole, Ronald: "Automated appointment scheduling", 141-144.

Sadek, M. D. / Bretier, P. / Cadoret, V. / Cozannet, A. / Dupont, P. / Ferrieux, A. / Panaget, F.: "A cooperative spoken dialogue system based on a rational agent model: a first implementation on the AGS application", 145-148.

Standards and Evaluation

McInnes, F. R. / White, L. S. / Foster, J. C. / Jack, Mervyn A.: "An automated style checker for human-computer dialogue engineering", 149-152.

Guyomard, Marc / Meur, Didier Le / Poignonnec, Sbastien / Siroux, Jacques: "Experimental work for the dual usage of voice and touch screen for a cartographic application", 153-156.

Fraser, Norman M.: "Quality standards for spoken language dialogue systems: a report on progress in EAGLES", 157-160.

Multi-Modal Systems

Bellik, Y. / Ferrari, S. / Nel, Franoise / Teil, D.: "Requirements for multimodal dialogue including vocal interaction", 161-164.

Wyard, Peter / Appleby, Steve / Kaneen, Ed / Williams, Sandra / Preston, Keith: "A combined speech and visual interface to the BT business catalogue", 165-168.

Itou, Katunobu / Hasegawa, Osamu / Kurita, Takio / Hayamizu, Satoru / Tanaka, Kazuyo / Yamamoto, Kazuhiko / Otsu, Nobuyuki: "An active multimodal interaction system", 169-172.

Dialogue Modelling

Gorin, Allen L.: "Spoken dialog as a feedback control system", 173-176.

Araki, Masahiro / Kawahara, Tatsuya / Doshita, Shuji: "Cooperative spoken dialogue model using Bayesian network and event hierarchy", 177-180.

LuperFoy, Susann: "Implementing file change semantics for spoken-language dialogue managers", 181-184.

Prosody and Discourse

Gerbino, Elisabetta / Baggia, Paolo / Giachin, Egidio / Rullent, Claudio: "Analysis and evaluation of spontaneous speech utterances in focused dialogue contexts", 185-188.

Hirschberg, Julia / Nakatani, Christine H. / Grosz, Barbara J.: "Conveying discourse structure through intonation variation", 189-192.

Eckert, Wieland / Nth, Elmar / Niemann, Heinrich / Schukat-Talamazzini, Ernst-Gnter: "Real users behave weird - experiences made collecting large human-machine-dialog corpora", 193-196.

Black, Alan W. / Campbell, Nick: "Predicting the intonation of discourse segments from examples in dialogue speech", 197-200.

Bruce, Gsta / Granstrm, Bjrn / Gustafson, Kjell / Horne, Merle / House, David / Touati, Paul: "Towards an enhanced prosodic model adapted to dialogue applications", 201-204.

Swerts, Marc / Ostendorf, Mari: "Discourse prosody in human-machine interactions", 205-208.

Generation and Evaluation

Hone, K. S. / Baber, C.: "Using a simulation method to predict the transaction time effects of applying alternative levels of constraint to user utterances within speech interactive dialogues", 209-212.

Arai, Kazuhiro / Yoshioka, Osamu / Sagayama, Shigeki / Sugamura, Noboru: "A prototype of an address input system with speech recognition", 213-216.

Tillmann, Hans G. / Tischer, Bernd: "Collection and exploitation of spontaneous speech produced in negotiation dialogues", 217-220.

Tatham, Mark / Morton, Katherine: "Speech synthesis in dialogue systems", 221-224.

Bateman, John / Hagen, Eli / Stein, Adelheit: "Dialogue modeling for speech generation in multimodal information systems", 225-228.

Damper, Robert I. / Tranchant, M. A. / Wood, S. D.: "Speech versus keying in the human-computer interface", 229-232.

Hirose, Keikichi / Senoo, Toru: "A method of generating speech reply with elliptical expressions and prosodic emphases", 233-236.

Bennacef, S. K. / Nel, Franoise / Maynard, H. B.: "An oral dialogue model based on speech acts categorization", 237-240.