1st Joint SIG-IL/Microsoft Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Iberian Languages

Porto Salvo, Portugal
September 3-4, 2009

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[SLTECH-2009] 1st Joint SIG-IL/Microsoft Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Iberian Languages, Porto Salvo, Portugal. September 3-4, 2009, ed. by António Teixeira, Miguel Sales Dias, and Daniela Braga; ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive/sltech_2009

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Introduction to the Workshop


Acero, Alex: "Building accurate and user-friendly speech systems", 3.

Systems and Applications

Torres Goterris, Francisco: "A task-independent stochastic dialog manager for the EDECAN project", 9-12.

Simõe, Alberto / Gómez Guinovart, Xavier: "Terminology extraction from English-portuguese and English-galician parallel corpora based on probabilistic translation dictionaries and bilingual syntactic patterns", 13-16.

Aguilo, Mateu / Butko, Taras / Temko, Andrey / Nadeu, Climent: "A hierarchical architecture for audio segmentation in a broadcast news task", 17-20.

Teixeira, Carlos / Respício, Ana / Ribeiro, Catarina: "Browsing multilingual making-ofs", 21-24.

Resources and Tools

Schulz, Henrik / Fonollosa, José A. R.: "A Catalan broadcast conversational speech database", 27-29.

Bordel, Germán / Casillas, Arantza / Penagarikano, Mikel / Rodríguez-Fuentes, Luis J. / Varona, Amparo: "An XML resource definition for spoken document retrieval", 31-34.

Zapparoli, Zilda Maria: "CORPOR system: corpora of the Portuguese language as spoken in So Paulo", 35-38.

Rocha, Martha Alicia / Sánchez, Joan Andreu: "Machine translation of the Penn treebank to Spanish", 39-42.

Ashby, Simone / Ferreira, José Pedro / Barbosa, Sílvia: "Adapting the unisyn lexicon to portuguese: preliminary issues in the development of LUPo", 43-46.

Speech Recognition

Schulz, Henrik / Fonollosa, José A. R. / Rybach, David: "A baseline system for the transcription of Catalan broadcast conversation", 49-52.

Silva, B. / Mendes, H. / Lopes, C. / Veiga, A. / Perdigão, Fernando: "A fast discriminative training algorithm for minimum classification error", 53-56.

Lopes, Carla / Perdigão, Fernando: "Global discriminative training of a hybrid speech recognizer", 57-60.

Wolf, Martin / Nadeu, Climent: "Towards microphone selection based on room impulse response energy-related measures", 61-64.

Speech Synthesis

Coelho, Luis / Hain, Horst-Udo / Jokisch, Oliver / Braga, Daniela: "Towards an objective voice preference definition for the portuguese language", 67-70.

Coelho, Luis / Braga, Daniela / Garcia-Mateo, Carmen: "A detailed analysis and comparison of speech synthesis paradigms", 71-74.

Gender, Speaker, and Language Recognition

Martins, Rui / Trancoso, Isabel / Abad, Alberto / Meinedo, Hugo: "Detection of children²s voices", 77-80.

Celestino, Binda / Cordeiro, Hugo / Meneses Ribeiro, Carlos: "Unsupervised SVM based 2-speaker clustering", 81-83.

Ribas González, Dayana / Calvo de Lara, José R.: "Speaker verification with shifted delta cepstral features: its pseudo-prosodic behavior", 85-88.

Gonzalez-Dominguez, Javier / Lopez-Moreno, Ignacio / Franco-Pedroso, Javier / Ramos, Daniel / Toledano, Doroteo T. / Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Joaquin: "Multilevel and channel-compensated language recognition: ATVS-UAM systems at NIST LRE 2009", 89-92.

Language Processing

Simões, Alberto / Almeida, José João: "Bilingual example segmentation based on markers hypothesis", 95-98.

Batista, Fernando / Trancoso, Isabel / Mamede, Nuno: "Automatic recovery of punctuation marks and capitalization information for Iberian languages", 99-102.


Poch, Marc / Farrús, Mireia / Costa-jussà, Marta R. / Mariño, José B. / Hernández, Adolfo / Henríquez, Carlos / Fonollosa, José A. R.: "The TALP on-line Spanish-catalan machine-translation system", 105.

Nunes Gonçalves, Patricia / Branco, António: "CINTIL-treebank searcher", 107.

Recent PhD's

Justo, Raquel: "Hierarchical language models based on classes of phrases: formulation, learning and decoding. (original: “modelos de lenguaje jerrquicos basados en clases de phrases: formulacin, aprendizaje y decodificacin.´) [phd thesis]", 111-112.

Martins, Ciro: "Dynamic language modeling for european portuguese [phd thesis]", 113-114.

Candeias, Sara: "A phonological study of portuguese language variety spoken in Beira interior region: some syntactic and semantic considerations [phd thesis]", 115-116.

Oliveira, Catarina: "From grapheme to gesture. linguistic contributions for an articulatory based text-to-speech system´ (original: do grafema ao gesto. contributos lingu sticos para um sistema de s ntese de base articulatria) [phd thesis]", 117-118.

Groups and Projects

Branco, António: "Natural language science and technology at the university of Lisbon, department of informatics: the NLX group", 121-122.

Branco, Antonio / Costa, Francisco / Ferreira, Eduardo / Martins, Pedro / Nunes, Filipe / Silva, Joao / Silveira, Sara: "LX-center: a center of online services for education, research and development on natural language science and technology", 123.

Torres, María Inés / Justo, Raquel / Pérez, A. / Guijarrubia, V. / Olaso, J. M. / Sánchez, G. / Alonso, E. / Alcaide, J. M.: "Pattern recognition and speech technologies (http://grah.ehu.es)", 125.

Torres, María Inés / Lleida, Eduardo / Sanchis, Emilio / Córdoba, Ricardo de / Macías-Guarasa, Javier: "SD-TEAM: interactive learning, self-evaluation and multimodal technologies for multidomain spoken dialog systems", 127-130.

Bonafonte, Antonio / Aguilar, Lourdes / Esquerra, Ignasi / Oller, Sergio / Moreno, Asunción: "Recent work on the FESTCAT database for speech synthesis", 131-132.

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Braga, Daniela / Calado, António / Silva, Pedro / Sales Dias, Miguel: "Microsoft language development center²s activities in 2008/2009", 137.