Second VENACO Workshop
The Structure of Multimodal Dialogue

Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy
September 16-20, 1991

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[SMMD-1991] The Structure of Multimodal Dialogue, Second VENACO Workshop, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy, September 16-20, 1991, ISCA Archive,

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Barbier   Bellik   Benoît   Beroule   Beun   Bilange   Brooke   Bunt   Caelen   Castaing   Condom   Courdesses   Edmondson   Falzon   Favot   Gaiffe   Gavignet   Guyomard (49)   Guyomard (89)   Junqua   Lee   Lozes   Luzzati   Matrouf   Moore   Morton   Murray   Néel (75)   Néel (97)   Nicaud   Oviatt   Perbet   Pierrel   de Ram (129)   de Ram (137)   Romary   Sadek   Selcon   da Silva   Siroux (89)   Siroux (133)   Taylor, M. M.   Taylor, R. M.   Teil (175)   Teil (183)   Tomlinson   Vilnat   Wachtel   Young  

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Oviatt, Sharon L.: "Toward multimodal support of interpreted telephone dialogues", 1-2.

Bunt, Harry: "Dynamic interpretation and dialogue performance", 3-6.

Luzzati, D.: "A dynamic dialog model for human machine communication", 7-10.

Falzon, Pierre: "Multi-modal interactions in MMI2 design dialogues", 11-16.

Moore, Roger K. / Tomlinson, Mike J.: "Whither the wizard?", 17-18.

Sadek, M. D.: "Dialogue acts are rational plans", 19-48.

Guyomard, Marc: "Very indirect speech acts or how to keep up appearances", 49-52.

Vilnat, Anne / Nicaud, Lydia: "Dialogue handling in a written and/or spoken application: STANDIA", 53-56.

Wachtel, Tom: "Uncertainty, multiple modes and multiple sources", 57-60.

Young, Sheryl: "Using semantics to correct parser output for ATIS utterances", 61-62.

Bilange, Eric: "An approach to oral dialogue modelling", 63-74.

Matrouf, K. / Néel, Francoise: "Use of upper level knowledge to improve human-machine interaction", 75-88.

Gavignet, Frédéric / Guyomard, Marc / Siroux, Jacques: "Implementing an oral and graphic multimodal application: the georal project", 89-96.

Castaing, Marie-Francoise / Néel, Francoise: "Human factors in speech processing systems: a laboratory study", 97-100.

Junqua, Jean-Claude: "Robustness and cooperative multimodal man-machine communication applications", 101-112.

Morton, Katherine: "Natural-sounding voice output for dialogue systems", 113-114.

Taylor, M. M.: "Multiplexing, diviplexing, and the control of multimodal dialogue", 115-118.

Beun, Robbert-Jan: "A framework for cooperative dialogues", 119-126.

Murray, A.: "Speech interfaces for form-filling tasks: task structure as a constraint on set-switching procedures and system prompts", 127-128.

Ram, Sylvia Candelaria de: "Why to enter into dialogue is to come out with changed speech: cross-linked modalities, emotion, and language shift", 129-132.

Siroux, Jacques: "Time management in multimodal systems", 133-137.

Ram, Sylvia Candelaria de: "Cognitive integration of multi-modal comprehension and response in discourse: dialogue pragmasemantics proposed", 137-142.

Beroule, D. G.: "The adaptive, dynamic and associative memory model: an actual present tool for vocal human-computer communication", 143-150.

Edmondson, William: "A taxonomy of interaction style: towards a theory of multimodal interaction", 151-154.

Brooke, N. Michael: "Processing facial images to enhance speech communication", 155-158.

Taylor, R. M. / Selcon, S. J.: "Multiple information sources; a cognitive integrality model", 159-160.

Gaiffe, Bertrand / Romary, Laurent / Pierrel, Jean-Marie: "Referring in a multimodal environment: from NL to designation", 161-164.

Lee, John: "Graphics and natural language in multi-modal dialogues", 165-168.

Benoît, Christian: "A promising challenge for bimodal machine-man communication: the SYNTHESIS of TALKING FACES", 169-172.

Caelen, Jean: "Multimodal interaction: event management and experiments with ICPdraw", 173-174.

Teil, Daniel / Bellik, Yacine: "Multimodal dialog interface on a PC-like work station", 175-176.

Condom, Jean-Marie / Lozes, Andre / Courdesses, Michel: "Pragmatic aspects in a multimodal dialogue between an operator and a robot", 177-178.

Perbet, Jean-Noel / Favot, Jean-Jacques / Barbier, Bruno: "Interactive display concept for the next generation cockpit", 179-182.

Teil, Daniel / Silva, Olivier Da: "Gesture recognition using a data glove input device", 183-184.