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ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on Speech and Emotion

September 5-7, 2000
Newcastle, Northern Ireland, UK

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[SpeechEmotion-2000] Speech and Emotion, ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW), Newcastle, Northern Ireland, UK, ISCA Archive, September 5-7, 2000;

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Introduction [PDF]

1. Theory, Sources, Tools

1.1 Emotion Theory and Paradigms

Cornelius, Randolph R.: "Theoretical approaches to emotion", 3-10 (Invited review paper).

1.2 Methods of Measuring Emotional Content

Cowie, Roddy: "Describing the emotional states expressed in speech", 11-18 (Invited review paper).

Cowie, Roddy / Douglas-Cowie, Ellen / Savvidou, Susie / McMahon, Edelle / Sawey, Martin / Schröder, Marc: "‘FEELTRACE’: An instrument for recording perceived emotion in real time", 19-24.

Pereira, Cécile: "Dimensions of emotional meaning in speech", 25-28.

Amir, Noam / Ron, Samuel / Laor, Nathaniel: "Analysis of an emotional speech corpus in Hebrew based on objective criteria", 29-32.

1.3 Sources of Emotional Material

Campbell, Nick: "Databases of emotional speech", 34-38 (Invited review paper).

Douglas-Cowie, Ellen / Cowie, Roddy / Schröder, Marc: "A new emotion database: Considerations, sources and scope",

1.4 Identifying Relevant Variables in Speech

Mozziconacci, Sylvie J. L.: "The expression of emotion considered in the framework of an intonation model", 45-52 (Invited review paper).

Roach, Peter: "Techniques for the phonetic description of emotional speech", 53-59 (Invited review paper).

Stibbard, Richard: "Automated extraction of ToBI annotation data from the Reading/Leeds emotional speech corpus", 60-65.

Klasmeyer, Gudrun: "An automatic description tool for time-contours and long-term average voice features in large emotional speech databases", 66-71.

2. Description of Emotion in Speech

2.1 Phonetic Correlates of Emotion and Attitude

Paeschke, Astrid / Sendlmeier, Walter F.: "Prosodic characteristics of emotional speech: Measurements of fundamental frequency movements", 75-80.

Piot, Olivier: "Attitudes and yes-no questions in standard French: Testing two hypotheses", 81-85.

Trouvain, Jürgen / Barry, William J.: "The prosody of excitement in horse race commentaries", 86-91.

Kienast, Miriam / Sendlmeier, Walter F.: "Acoustical analysis of spectral and temporal changes in emotional speech",

Mitchell, Corey J. / Menezes, Caroline / Williams, J. C. / Pardo, Bryan / Erickson, Donna / Fujimura, Osamu: "Changes in syllable and boundary strengths due to irritation", 98-103.

2.2 Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Emotional Speech

Tickle, Alison: "English and Japanese speakers' emotion vocalisation and recognition: A comparison highlighting vowel quality", 104-109.

Abelin, Ĺsa / Allwood, Jens: "Cross linguistic interpretation of emotional prosody", 110-113.

2.3 Cross-Modal and Contextual Interactions

Massaro, Dominic W.: "Multimodal emotion perception: Analogous to speech processes", 114-121 (Invited review paper).

Aubergé, Véronique / Lemaître, Ludovic: "The prosody of smile", 122-126.

Cauldwell, Richard T.: "Where did the anger go? The role of context in interpreting emotion in speech",

Schröder, Marc: "Experimental study of affect bursts", 132-137.

Alter, Kai / Rank, Erhard / Kotz, Sonja A. / Toepel, Ulrike / Besson, Mireille / Schirmer, Annett / Friederici, Angela D.: "Accentuation and emotions - two different systems?", 138-142.

Wichmann, Anne: "The attitudinal effects of prosody, and how they relate to emotion", 143-148.

3. Machine Application: Speech Synthesis and Recognition

3.1 Synthesis

Burkhardt, Felix / Sendlmeier, Walter F.: "Verification of acoustical correlates of emotional speech using formant-synthesis", 151-156.

Vine, D. S. G. / Sahandi, R.: "Synthesising emotional speech by concatenating multiple pitch recorded speech units", 157-160.

Iriondo, Ignasi / Guaus, Roger / Rodríguez, Angel / Lázaro, Patricia / Montoya, Norminanda / Blanco, Josep M. / Bernadas, Dolors / Manel Oliver, Josep / Tena, Daniel / Longhi, Ludovico: "Validation of an acoustical modelling of emotional expression in Spanish using speech synthesis techniques",

Iida, Akemi / Campbell, Nick / Iga, Soichiro / Higuchi, Fumito / Yasumura, Michiaki: "A speech synthesis system with emotion for assisting communication", 167-172.

Murray, Iain R. / Edgington, Mike D. / Campion, Diane / Lynn, Justin: "Rule-based emotion synthesis using concatenated speech", 173-177.

Gobl, Christer / Ní Chasaide, Ailbhe: "Testing affective correlates of voice quality through analysis and resynthesis", 178-183.

Kopecek, Ivan: "Emotions and prosody in dialogues: An algebraic approach based on user modelling", 184-188.

3.2 Recognition

Bosch, Louis ten: "Emotions: What is possible in the ASR framework", 189-194 (Invited review paper).

Batliner, Anton / Fischer, K. / Huber, R. / Spilker, Jörg / Nöth, Elmar: "Desperately seeking emotions or: Actors, wizards, and human beings",

Polzin, Thomas S. / Waibel, Alexander: "Emotion-sensitive human-computer interfaces", 201-206.

McGilloway, Sinéad / Cowie, Roddy / Douglas-Cowie, Ellen / Gielen, Stan / Westerdijk, Machiel / Stroeve, Sybert: "Approaching automatic recognition of emotion from voice: A rough benchmark", 207-212.

Klasmeyer, Gudrun / Johnstone, Tom / Bänziger, Tanja / Sappok, Christopher / Scherer, Klaus R.: "Emotional voice variability in speaker verification", 213-218.

Fernandez, Raul / Picard, Rosalind W.: "Modeling drivers’ speech under stress", 219-224.