Speech Analysis and Processing for Knowledge Discovery

Aalborg, Denmark
June 4-6, 2008

Bibliographic Reference

[SPKD-2008] Speech Analysis and Processing for Knowledge Discovery, Aalborg, Denmark, June 4-6, 2008, ed. by Paul Dalsgaard, Christian Fischer Pedersen and Ove Andersen; ISBN 978-87-92328-00-7: ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive_open/spkd2008

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Keynote Papers

Hawkins, Sarah: "Phonetic perspectives on modelling information in the speech signal", paper K1.

dĺAlessandro, Christophe: "New paradigms for speech analysis and processing: the source-filter model revisited and gesture-controlled analysis-by-synthesis", paper K2.

Estimating Speech Production Parameters

Kawahara, Hideki / Morise, Masanori / Takahashi, Toru / Nisimura, Ryuichi / Banno, Hideki / Irino, Toshio: "A unified approach for F0 extraction and aperiodicity estimation based on a temporally stable power spectral representation", paper 043.

Pantazis, Yannis / Rosec, Olivier / Stylianou, Yannis: "On the estimation of the speech harmonic model", paper 031.

Yegnanarayana, Bayya / Murty, K. Sri Rama / Rajendran, S.: "Analysis of stop consonants in indian languages using excitation source information in speech signal", paper 045.

Attribute Detection and Knowledge Discovery

Van hamme, Hugo: "Integration of asynchronous knowledge sources in a novel speech recognition framework", paper 038.

Mohapatra, Prateeti / Fosler-Lussier, Eric: "Incorporating suprasegmental knowledge for phone recognition with conditional random fields", paper 054.

Lyu, Dau-Cheng / Siniscalchi, Sabato Marco / Lee, Chin-Hui: "An experimental study on continuous phone recognition with little or no language-specific training data", paper 005.

Features for Speaker Recognition

Wˇjcicki, Kamil / Paliwal, Kuldip: "On the relative importance of the short-time magnitude and phase spectra towards speaker dependent information", paper 048.

Tamarit, Lucas / Goudbeek, Martijn / Scherer, Klaus: "Spectral slope measurements in emotionally expressive speech", paper 007.

Das, Amitava / Chittaranjan, Gokul: "Automated speaker recognition using compressed temporal-spectral dynamics information of password spectrograms", paper 014.

Acoustic Event Detection

Davies, Dave / Millar, Bruce: "Innovative acoustic probes to test predictions of wider utterance context", paper 044.

Skogstad, Trond / Svendsen, Torbj°rn: "Time-varying cepstral coefficients", paper 053.

Zhang, Chi / Hansen, John H. L.: "Effective segmentation based on vocal effort change point detection", paper 034.

Speech Analysis and Modelling for Production and Recognition

Bńckstr÷m, Tom: "Fitting mass-spring models to glottal flow estimates", paper 047.

Blomberg, Mats / Elenius, Daniel: "Investigating explicit model transformations for speaker normalization", paper 052.

Gemmeke, Jort / Cranen, Bert: "Noise robust digit recognition using sparse representations", paper 022.

Paraskevas, Ioannis / Rangoussi, Maria: "The Hartley phase spectrum as a noise-robust feature in speech analysis", paper 041.

Luneau, Jean-Marc / Lebrun, JÚr˘me / Jensen, S°ren Holdt: "Complex wavelet modulation sub-bands and speech", paper 050.

Speech Analysis and Modelling for Production and Recognition

Scharenborg, Odette / Cooke, Martin: "Comparing human and machine recognition performance on a VCV corpus", paper 003.

Goudbeek, Martijn / Scherer, Klaus. R: "Acoustic profiles in emotion - the GEMEP corpus", paper 040.

Schnell, Karl: "Speech analysis by time-varying lattice filters", paper 039.

Dalsgaard, Paul / Pedersen, Christian F. / Andersen, Ove / Yegnanarayana, Bayya: "Using zeros of the z-transform in the analysis of speech signals", paper 013.

Speech Attributes and Knowledge Discovery

Orphanidou, Christina / Kochanski, Greg / Coleman, John: "An acoustic investigation of the [ATR] feature effect on vowel-to-vowel coarticulation", paper 051.

Siniscalchi, Sabato Marco / Birkenes, ěystein / Johnsen, Magne H. / Svendsen, Torbj°rn: "Joint optimization of event detectors and evidence merger for continuous phone recognition", paper 057.

Bosch, Louis ten / Van hamme, Hugo / Boves, Lou: "Unsupervised detection of words - questioning the relevance of segmentation", paper 046.

Speech Recognition and Classification

Pohjalainen, Jouni / Magi, Carlo / Alku, Paavo: "Enhancing noise robustness in automatic speech recognition using stabilized weighted linear prediction (SWLP)", paper 002.

Kubo, Yotaro / Okawa, Shigeki / Kurematsu, Akira / Shirai, Katsuhiko: "Feature selection algorithms for the creation of multistream speech recognizers", paper 049.

Markaki, Maria / Stylianou, Yannis: "Discrimination of speech from nonspeeech in broadcast news based on modulation frequency features", paper 032.