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SPoSS - Sound Patterns of Spontaneous Speech

La Baume-les-Aix, France
September 24-26, 1998

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[SPoSS-1998] SPoSS - Sound Patterns of Spontaneous Speech, production and perception, ESCA Tutorial and Reasearch Workshop (ETRW), ed. by Danielle Duez, ISCA Archive,

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Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and invited papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts (ISCA members only). Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

For the time being, most of the abstracts are in French only. An English translation is under way. The full papers are in English.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Duez, Danielle: "Introduction: The aims of SPoSS", vii-ix.

Keynote Papers

Lindblom, Björn: "Making sense of the infinite variety of natural speech patterns", 3-7.

Kohler, Klaus J.: "The phonetic manifestation of words in spontaneous speech", 13-22.

Vaissière, Jacqueline: "Synchronic variations, historical sound changes and suprasegmental framework", 69-78.

Cutler, Anne: "The recognition of spoken words with variable representations", 83-92.

Data Descriptions of Spontaneous Speech in Various Languages

Fujimura, Osamu / Pardo, Bryan / Erickson, Donna: "Effect of emphasis and irritation on jaw opening", 23-27.

Autesserre, Denis / Chafcouloff, Michel: "Distribution and contextual adaptability of approximant and constrictive variants of /r/ in spontaneous speech : an acoustical approach", 29-32.

Cruz, R. / Messias, L.: "Phonological and phonetic aspects of brazilian portuguese : a study of /r/ variants", 33-36.

Gubrynowicz, Ryszard / Durand, P.: "The influence of speaking style on articulation of fricative-affricate clusters in Polish", 39-42.

Moosmüller, Sylvia: "Homorganic and quasi-homorganic V1#V2 sequencies in austrian German", 43-46.

Välimaa-Blum, Riitta: "What is deleted in spontaneous Finnish: segmental interaction with word stress, vowel harmony and moras", 47-50.

Helgason, Pétur: "On-line preaspiration in Swedish: implications for historical sound change", 51-54.

Su, Tzu-Ting / Basset, Patricia: "Language dependent and independent spontaneous speech phenomena", 55-58.

Whiteside, Sandra P. / Varley, R. A.: "Dual-route phonetic encoding: a synthesis of acoustic evidence from normal speech", 59-62.

Duez, Danielle: "Consonant sequences in spontaneous French speech", 63-66.

Spontaneous Speech Processes and Their Perceptual Consequences

Bard, Ellen Gurman / Kelly, M. L. / Sotillo, Cathy F.: "Lexical access in spontaneous speech: reduced forms prime less", 93-96.

Shockey, Linda: "Perception of reduced forms by non-native speakers of English", 97-100.

Weber, Andrea: "Listening to nonnative language which violates native assimilation rules", 101-104.

Lickley, Robin / Bard, Ellen Gurman: "Disfluent speech: the transcriber problem", 105-108.

Sotillo, Cathy F. / Bard, Ellen Gurman: "Is hypo-articulation lexically constrained?", 109-112.

Aylett, Matthew / Turk, A.: "Vowel quality in spontaneous speech: what makes a good vowel?", 113-116.

Williams, Sheila M. / Diehl, Randy L.: "Extent of context and vowel identification in speech variation", 117-120.

Prosodic Aspects of Spontaneous Speech

Bortfeld, Heather / Morgan, James: "Many sources of stress in infant-directed speech", 123-125.

Tseng, Shu-Chuan: "Acoustic-prosodic cues of speech repairs in spontaneous speech", 127-130.

Lim, Lisa: "Talk like that meh? no, lah!": intonation patterns on pragmatic particles in spontaneous Singapore English - preliminary observations", 131-134.

Donzel, Monique E. van / Koopmans-van Beinum, Florien J. / Pols, Louis C.W.: "Speaker strategies in the use of prosodic means in spontaneous discourse in Dutch", 135-138.

Heuven, Vincent J. van / Haan, Judith / Pacilly, Jos J. A.: "Global and local characteristics of Dutch questions in play-acted and spontaneous speech", 139-142.

Astésano, C.: "Effects of prosodic constraints on the differential lengthening of syllable constituents in French: a comparison between spontaneous and read speech", 143-146.

Transcription and Labelling of Spontaneous Speech

Cernocky, Jan / Baudoin, Genevieve / Chollet, Gerard: "The use of ALISP for automatic acoustic-phonetic transcription", 149-152.

Parlangeau, Nathalie / Pellegrino, Francois: "Multilingual detection of specific sound patterns: the case of vowels and plosives", 153-156.

Wester, Mirjam / Ressens, Judith M. / Cucchiarini, Catia / Strik, Helmer: "Selection of pronunciation variants in spontaneous speech: comparing the performance of man and machine", 157-160.