Speech Recognition and Intrinsic Variation (SRIV2006)

Toulouse, France
May 20, 2006

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[SRIV-2006] Speech Recognition and Intrinsic Variation Workshop (SRIV2006), Toulouse, France, May 20, 2006, ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive_open/sriv2006

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Albesano   Arrowood   Barrault   Bartkova   Bavcar   Benzheghiba   Bosch (21)   Bosch (27)   Bouselmi   Boves   Brand   Cernak   Cincarek   Cloarec   Cucchiarini   Demuynck   Dimitriadis   Duchateau   Dupont   Dusan   Elffers   Fohr   FOSLER-LUSSIER   Furui   Gemello (135)   Gemello (143)   Ghorshi   Hämäläinen   van Hamme   Han   Illina   Iwano   Jouvet (9)   Jouvet (65)   Karimi   Kollmeier   Laface   Mana (135)   Mana (143)   Maragos   Markov   Matassoni   Matrouf   Mertins (95)   Mertins (123)   Meyer   Minematsu   Monné   Moore   De Mori   Nakamura, Masanobu   Nakamura, Satoshi   Nishimura   Nishinari   Pitsikalis   Potamianos   Rademacher   Ramirez   Ris   Rispoli   Rose   Sakuraba   Salehi   Sanchez-Soto   Saruwatari   Scanzio   Scharenborg   Segura   Shikano   Stemmer   Strik (33)   Strik (101)   Svaizer   Toda   Tyagi   Vali   Vaseghi   Wan   Wellekens   Wesker   Wigham   WRIGHT   Yan  

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Fosler-Lussier, Eric: "Underspecified feature models for pronunciation variation in ASR", 1-6.

Nakamura, Masanobu / Furui, Sadaoki / Iwano, Koji: "Acoustic and linguistic characterization of spontaneous speech", 3-8.

Jouvet, Denis / Bartkova, Katarina: "Analysis of model adaptation on non-native speech for multiple accent speech recognition", 9-14.

Stemmer, Georg: "Improved context integration for robust speech recognition in conversational systems", 15-20.

Hämäläinen, Annika / Han, Yan / Boves, Lou / Bosch, Louis ten: "Whither linguistic interpretation of acoustic pronunciation variation", 21-26.

Bosch, Louis ten: "Speech variation and the use of distance metrics on the articulatory feature space", 27-32.

Strik, Helmer: "How to handle pronunciation variation in ASR: by storing episodes in memory?", 33-38.

Wright, Richard: "Intra-speaker variation and units in human speech perception and ASR", 39-42.

Vali, Mansoor / Salehi, Seyyed Ali Seyyed / Karimi, Kazem: "Improvement of feature vectors in clean and telephone speech recognition using bidirectional neural network", 41-46.

Minematsu, Nobuaki / Nishimura, Tazuko / Nishinari, Katsuhiro / Sakuraba, Kyoko: "Theorem of the invariant structure and its derivation of speech gestalt", 47-52.

Dusan, Sorin: "On the distribution of information and intrinsic variability for classification of coarticulated vowels", 53-58.

Duchateau, Jacques / Wigham, Mari / Demuynck, Kris / Hamme, Hugo van: "A flexible recogniser architecture in a reading tutor for children", 59-64.

Cloarec, Gwenael / Jouvet, Denis / Monné, Jean: "Analysis of the modeling of pitch and voicing parameters for speaker-independent speech recognition systems", 65-70.

Cincarek, Tobias / Toda, Tomoki / Saruwatari, Hiroshi / Shikano, Kiyohiro: "Utterance-based selective training for cost-effective task-adaptation of acoustic models", 71-76.

Scharenborg, Odette / Wan, Vincent / Moore, Roger K.: "Capturing fine-phonetic variation in speech through automatic classification of articulatory features", 77-82.

Tyagi, Vivek / Benzheghiba, Mohammed / Cernak, Milos / Wellekens, Christian: "Comparative study of different features on OLLO logatome recognition task", 83-88.

Matrouf, Driss / Barrault, Loic / Mori, Renato De: "A general method for combining acoustic features in an automatic speech recognition system", 89-94.

Meyer, Bernd / Wesker, Thorsten / Brand, Thomas / Mertins, Alfred / Kollmeier, Birger: "A human-machine comparison in speech recognition based on a logatome corpus", 95-100.

Strik, Helmer / Elffers, A. / Bavcar, D. / Cucchiarini, Catia: "Half a word is enough for listeners, but problematic for ASR", 101-106.

Dupont, Stéphane / Ris, Christophe: "Multiple acoustic and variability estimation models for ASR", 107-112.

Markov, Konstantin / Nakamura, Satoshi: "Acoustic modeling of accented English speech for large-vocabulary speech recognition", 113-118.

Ghorshi, Seyed Alireza / Vaseghi, Saeed / Yan, Qin: "Cross entropy information metric for quantification and cluster analysis of accents", 119-122.

Rademacher, Jan / Mertins, Alfred: "A study of auditory-filterbank based preprocessing for the generation of warping-invariant features", 123-128.

Rispoli, Renato / Rose, Richard C. / Arrowood, Jon: "The influence of word detection variability on IR performance in automatic audio indexing of course lectures", 129-134.

Potamianos, A. / Bouselmi, G. / Dimitriadis, D. / Fohr, Dominique / Gemello, Roberto / Illina, I. / Mana, Franco / Maragos, P. / Matassoni, M. / Pitsikalis, V. / Ramirez, J. / Sanchez-Soto, E. / Segura, J. / Svaizer, P.: "Towards speaker and enviromental robustness in ASR: the HIWIRE project", 135-142.

Scanzio, Stefano / Albesano, Dario / Gemello, Roberto / Laface, Pietro / Mana, Franco: "Adapting hybrid ANN/HMM to speech variations", 143-147.