Third ESCA/COCOSDA Workshop on Speech Synthesis

November 26-29, 1998
Jenolan Caves House, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

JUst CONcatenation - A Corpus-based Approach and its Limits

Thomas Portele

IKP, University of Bonn, Germany

This paper describes a radical corpus-based approach to speech synthesis. No signal manipulation is performed and the synthesis becomes a mere concatenation. The feasibility of this approach is evaluated regarding corpus selection constraints and realization of different prominence patterns. A "traditional" concatenative system serves as a baseline. The results indicate that the size of the corpus must be rather large in order to obtain satisfying and reliable results for unlimited text-to-speech conversion.

Full Paper (with 16 sound examples linked from within the paper)

Bibliographic reference.  Portele, Thomas (1998): "JUst CONcatenation - A Corpus-based Approach and its Limits", In SSW3-1998, 153-158.