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4th ITRW on Speech Synthesis

August 29 - September 1, 2001
Atholl Palace Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland

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[SSW4-2001] 4th ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop (ITRW) on speech synthesis (SSW4), Blair Atholl Palace Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland, August 29 - September 1, 2001, ISCA Archive,

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Abe   d'Alessandro   Allen   Araki   Aubergé   Bagein (111)   Bagein (203)   BAILLY   Bailly   Bakis   Black (129)   Black (204)   van den Bosch   Boula de Mareüil   Bozkurt (110)   Bozkurt (111)   Bozkurt (203)   Brinckmann   Busser   Campbell (135)   Campbell (141)   Chang   Chu   Cox   Daelemans   Damper (103)   Damper (116)   Donetti   Donovan (123)   Donovan (207)   Dutoit (110)   Dutoit (111)   Dutoit (203)   Eide   Engwall   Erdem   Etxebarria   Franz   Galescu   Gaudinat   Gleason   Goldman   Goubanova   Green   Guenther   Hain   Hamza   Hernaez   Hess   Hoffmann   Iida   Ittycheriah   Janke   Jing   Jokisch   Kasamatsu   Klabbers (118)   Klabbers (136)   Kochanski (124)   Kochanski (130)   Kouroupetroglou   Kunzmann   Lee   Lenzo (129)   Lenzo (204)   Lopresti   Marchand   Mata   Mayer   McKenna   Meron   Mixdorff   Mizuno, H.   Mizuno, O.   Möbius   Möhler   Moisa   Monaghan (105)   Monaghan (201)   Müller   Murugarren   Nakajima   Navas   Nerima   Niimi   Nishimoto   Olive   Oliveira   Peng   Picheny   Prudon   Quazza   Ramabhadran   Revelin   Rilliard   Rutherfoord   Salza   Sannier   Schröder   Shadle   Shih (124)   Shih (130)   Shinozaki   Soulage   Sproat   Stanbridge   Stathopoulou-Zois   Stöber (118)   Stöber (136)   Sun   Trouvain (112)   Trouvain (137)   Viana   Viswanathan   Waast   Wagner   Wehrli   Xydas   Yang (134)   Yang (141)   Zeller   Zimmermann (119)   Zimmermann (120)  

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Keynote Papers

Bailly, Gérard: "Visual synthesis", paper KN1.

Sagisaka, Yoshinori: "Unit selection synthesis", paper KN2 [not available]

Oral Sessions

Möhler, Gregor / Mayer, Jörg: "A Discourse Model for Pitch-Range Control", paper 114

Abe, Masanobu / Mizuno, Osamu / Shinozaki, Tsubasa / Mizuno, Hideyuki / Nakajima, Shin'ya: "A bilingual speech design tool: Sesign2001", paper 108.

Klabbers, Esther / Stöber, Kerlheinz (2001): "Creation of speech corpora for the multilingual Bonn Open Synthesis System ", paper 136.

Busser, Bertjan / Daelemans, Walter / Bosch, Antal van den: "Predicting phrase breaks with memory-based learning", paper 125.

Brinckmann, Caren / Trouvain, Jürgen: "On the role of duration prediction and symbolic representation for the evaluation of synthetic speech ", paper 137.

Möbius, Bernd: "Rare events and closed domains: Two delicate concepts in speech synthesis ", paper 117.

Goubanova, Olga: "Predicting segmental duration using Bayesian belief networks", paper 139.

Meron, Joram: "Prosodic unit selection using an imitation speech database", paper 113. (With acoustic examples.)

Donovan, Robert E.: "A new distance measure for costing spectral discontinuities in concatenative speech synthesizers", paper 123.

Black, Alan W. / Lenzo, Kevin A.: "Optimal data selection for unit selection synthesis", paper 129.

Stöber, Karlheinz / Wagner, Petra / Klabbers, Esther / Hess, Wolfgang: "Definition of a training set for unit selection-based speech synthesis", paper 118. (With acoustic examples.)

Lee, Minkyu / Lopresti, Daniel P. / Olive, Joseph P.: "A text-to-speech platform for variable length optimal unit searching using perceptual cost functions", paper 122.

Engwall, Olov: "Synthesizing static vowels and dynamic sounds using a 3D vocal tract model", paper 106.

Bailly, Gérard: "Close shadowing natural vs. synthetic speech", paper 107.

McKenna, John G.: "Automatic glottal closed-phase location and analysis by Kalman filtering", paper 142. paper 142.

Damper, Robert I. / Stanbridge, Craig Z. / Marchand, Yannick: "A pronunciation-by-analogy module for the Festival Text-to-Speech Synthesiser", paper 103.

Galescu, Lucian / Allen, James F. (2001): "Bi-directional conversion between graphemes and phonemes using a joint N-gram model", paper 131.

Boula de Mareüil, Philippe / Soulage, Benoît: "Input/output normalisation and linguistic analysis for a multilingual text-to-speech synthesis system", paper 109.

Müller, Achim F. / Hoffmann, Rüdiger: "A neural network and a hybrid approach for accent label prediction", paper 102.

Shadle, Christine H. / Damper, Robert I.: "Prospects for articulatory synthesis: A position paper", paper 116.

Bozkurt, Baris / Bagein, Michel / Dutoit, Thierry: "From MBROLA to NU-MBROLA", paper 111.

Schröder, Marc / Trouvain, Jürgen: "The German text-to-speech synthesis system MARY: A tool for research, development, and teaching", paper 112.

Prudon, Romain / Alessandro, Christophe d': "A selection/concatenation text-to-speech synthesis system: databases development, system design, comparative evaluation", paper 138.

Sun, Xuejing: "Predicting underlying pitch targets for intonation modeling", paper 126.

Poster Sessions (Scientific)

Monaghan, Alex / Sannier, Fred: "A metrical model of prosody for French TTS", paper 105.

Bozkurt, Baris / Dutoit, Thierry: "An implementation and evaluation of two diphone-based synthesizers for Turkish", paper 110.

Chu, Min / Peng, Hu / Chang, Eric: "A concatenative Mandarin TTS system without prosody model and prosody modification", paper 115.

Hain, Horst-Udo / Zimmermann, Hans Georg: "A multi-lingual system for the determination of phonetic word stress using soft feature selection by neural networks", paper 120.

Shih, Chilin / Kochanski, Greg P.: "Synthesis of prosodic styles", paper 124.

Viana, M. Céu / Oliveira, Luis C. / Mata, Ana I.: "Prosodic phrasing: Machine and human evaluation", paper 127.

Kochanski, Greg P. / Shih, Chilin / Jing, Hongyan: "Hierarchical structure and word strength predication of Mandarin prosody", paper 130.

Mixdorff, Hansjörg / Jokisch, Oliver: "Implementing and evaluating an integrated approach to modeling German prosody", paper 132.

Niimi, Yasuhisa / Kasamatsu, Masanori / Nishinoto, Takuya / Araki, Masahiro: "Synthesis of emotional speech using prosodically balanced VCV segments", paper 133.

Iida, Akemi / Campbell, Nick: "A database design for a concatenative speech synthesis system for the disabled", paper 135.

Rilliard, Albert / Aubergé, Véronique: "Prosody evaluation as a diagnostic process: subjective vs. objective measurements", paper 140.

Yang, Li-chiung / Campbell, Nick: "Linking form to meaning: The expression and recognition of emotions through prosody", paper 141.

Poster Sessions (Speech Synthesis Systems)

Monaghan, Alex: "A brief outline of Aculab TTS: Multilingual TTS for computer telephony", paper 201.

Hernaez, Inma / Navas, Eva / Murugarren, Juan Luis / Etxebarria, Borja: "Description of the AhoTTS system for the Basque language", paper 202.

Bozkurt, Baris / Bagein, Michel / Dutoit, Thierry: "Demo rystem for NU-MBROLA concatonator", paper 203.

Black, Alan W. / Lenzo, Kevin A.: "Flite: a small fast run-time synthesis engine", paper 204.

Goldman, Jean-Philippe / Gaudinat, Arnaud / Nerima, Luka / Wehrli, Eric: "FipsVox: A French TTS based on a syntactic parser", paper 205.

Xydas, Gerasimos / Kouroupetroglou, Georgios: "The DEMOSTHeNES speech composer", paper 206.

Donovan, R. / Ittycheriah, A. / Franz, M. / Ramabhadran, B. / Eide, E. / Viswanathan, M. / Bakis, R. / Hamza, W. / Picheny, M. / Gleason, P. / Rutherfoord, T. / Cox, P. / Green, D. / Janke, E. / Revelin, S. / Waast, C. / Zeller, B. / Guenther, C. / Kunzmann, J.: "Current status of the IBM Trainable Speech Synthesis System", paper 207.

Stathopoulou-Zois, P.: "The UOP text-to-speech system for Greek speech synthesis", paper 208.

Quazza, Silvia / Donetti, Laura / Moisa, Loreta / Salza, Pier Luigi: "ACTOR: A multilingual unit-selection speech synthesis system", paper 209.

Other Contributions

Sproat, Richard (2001): "Pmtools: A pronunciation modeling toolkit", paper 104.

Erdem, Caglayan / Zimmermann, Hans-Georg (2001): "Segmental duration control with asymmetric causal retro-causal neural networks", paper 119.

Yang, Li-chiung (2001): "Linking form to meaning: The expression and recognition of emotions through prosody", paper 134.