Fourth ISCA ITRW on Speech Synthesis

August 29 - September 1, 2001
Perthshire, Scotland

Synthesis of Prosodic Styles

Chilin Shih and Greg P. Kochanski

Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ, USA

A text-to-speech system can effectively imitate distinctive speaking styles when a few critical prosodic features are modeled and controlled. This paper demonstrates the methodology with a number of examples, including the ornamental notes and the amplitude profile that define the singing style of Dinah Shore, the phrase curve that sets off the dramatic speaking style of Martin Luther King Jr, and the variations of accent shapes between two American English speakers. The styles are described by Stem-ML tags (soft template mark-up language), which offers the flexibility needed to control accent shapes, phrasal pitch contours, and amplitude profiles, for speech as well as for singing.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Shih, Chilin / Kochanski, Greg P. (2001): "Synthesis of prosodic styles", In SSW4-2001, paper 124.