STiLL - Speech Technology in Language Learning

May 25-27, 1998
Marholmen, Sweden

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[STiLL-1998] STiLL - Speech Technology in Language Learning, ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop, Marholmen, Sweden, May 25-27, 1998, ISCA Archive,

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Flege, James Emil: "Second-language learning: the role of subject and phonetic variables", 1-8.

Delcloque, Philippe / Campbell, Claire: "An intelligent tutor for the acquisition of French pronunciation within the communicative approach to language learning. the secondary and tertiary solutions", 9-12.

Egan, Kathleen B. / Kulman, Anita H.: "A proficiency-oriented analysis of computer assisted language learning", 13-16.

Mennen, Ineke: "Can language learners ever acquire the intonation of a second language?", 17-20.

Wallace, Julie L / Russel, Martin / Brown, Catherine / Shilling, Adrian: "Applications of speech recognition in the primary school classroom", 21-24.

Dalby, Jonathan / Kewley-Port, Diane / Sillings, Roy: "Language-specific pronunciation training using the hearsay system", 25-28.

Messager, Jean-Pierre / Gourmelon, Herve / Mercier, Guy / Siroux, Jacques: "Research in speech processing for breton language training", 29-32.

Álvarez, A. / Martinez, R. / Gómez, P. / Domínguez, J. L.: "A signal processing technique for speech visualization", 33-36.

Byrne, William / Knodt, Eva / Khudanpur, Sanjeev / Bernstein, Jared: "Is automatic speech recognition ready for non-native speech? a data collection effort and initial experiments in modeling conversational Hispanic English", 37-40.

Langlais, Philippe / Öster, Anne-Marie / Granström, Björn: "Automatic detection of mispronunciation in non-native Swedish speech", 41-44.

Kondo, Mariko: "The use of prosody for acquisition of Japanese mora-timing by English speakers", 45-49.

Sundström, Anna: "Automatic prosody modification as a means for foreign language pronunciation training", 49-52.

Doorn, J. van / Shakeshaft, J. / Winkworth, A. / Hand, L. / Joshi, S.: "Models of Australian English vowels for commercial visual feedback systems", 53-56.

Delmonte, Rodolfo: "Prosodic modeling for automatic language tutors", 57-60.

Neumeyer, Leonardo / Franco, Horacio / Abrash, Victor / Julia, Luc / Ronen, Orith / Bratt, Harry / Bing, Jehan / Digalakis, Vassilis / Rypa, Marikka: "Webgrader(TM): a multilingual pronunciation practice tool", 61-64.

Meador, Jim / Ehsani, Farzad / Egan, Kathleen / Stokowski, Steve: "An interactive dialog system for learning Japanese", 65-68.

Auberg, Stefan / Correa, Nelson / Rothenberg, Martin / Shanahan, Mark: "Vowel and intonation training in an English pronunciation tutor", 69-72.

Kawai, Goh / Hirose, Keikichi: "A call system using speech recognition to teach the pronunciation of Japanese tokushuhaku", 73-76.

Eskenazi, Maxine / Hansma, Scott: "The fluency pronunciation trainer", 77-80.

Price, Patti: "How can speech technology replicate and complement good language teachers to help people learn language?", 81-86.

Franco, Horacio / Neumeyer, Leonardo / Bratt, Harry: "Modeling intra-word pauses in pronunciation scoring", 87-90.

Sevenster, Bob / Krom, Guus de / Bloothooft, Gerrit: "Evaluation and training of second-language learners' pronunciation using phoneme-based HMMs", 91-94.

Cucchiarini, Catia / Strik, Helmer / Boves, Lou: "Automatic pronunciation grading for dutch", 95-98.

Witt, S. M. / Young, Steve J.: "Performance measures for phone-level pronunciation teaching in call", 99-102.

Auberg, Stefan / Correa, Nelson / Locktionova, Victoria / Molitor, Richard / Rothenberg, Martin: "The accent coach: an English pronunciation training system for Japanese speakers", 103-106.

Pruitt, John S. / Kawahara, Hideki / Akahane-Yamada, Reiko / Kubo, Rieko: "Methods of enhancing speech stimuli for perceptual training: exaggerated articulation, context truncation, and "STRAIGHT" re-synthesis", 107-110.

Akahane-Yamada, Reiko / Adachi, Takahiro / Kawahara, Hideki / Pruitt, John S. / McDermott, Erik: "Toward the optimization of computer-based second language production training", 111-114.

Jilka, Matthias / Möhler, Gregor: "International foreign accent: speech technology and foreign language teaching", 115-118.

Hazan, Valerie / Simpson, A.: "The effect of cue-enhancement on consonant perception by non-native listeners: preliminary results", 119-122.

Nakayama, K. / Tomita-Nakayama, K. / Misaki, M.: "Enhancing speech perception of Japanese learners of English utilizing time-scale modification of speech and related techniques", 123-126.

Ciocea, S. / Dufranne, M. / Schoentgen, Jean / Beeckmans, R.: "A multi-modal software interface for teaching phonetic transcription", 127-130.

Larsson, Hakan: "Lingus - a general purpose computer aided language learning system which could serve as a platform for the implementation of speech analysis tools", 131-134.

Datta, Asoke Kumar: "Stress: an augmented articulatory effort", 135-138.

Artimonte Rocca, Paulina Dalva: "The efficacy of computer-driven visual feedback in the teaching of intonation to brazilian learners of English", 139-142.

Wissing, Daan / Walt, Johann van der: "Teaching aspirated stops of English to arab speakers: technological vs. conventional methods", 143-146.

Brooke, N. M. / Scott, S. D.: "An audio-visual speech synthesiser", 147-150.

Nouza, Jan / Mádlíková, Jana: "Evaluation tests on visual feedback in speech and language learning", 151-154.

McAllister, Robert: "Second language perception and the concept of foreign accent", 155-158.

Jonsson, Ingrid: "Multi-sensory stimulation of voice, speech and sounds from surroundings in hard of hearing preschool children", 159-162.

Cole, Ron / Carmell, Tim / Connors, Pom / Macon, Mike / Wouters, Johan / Villiers, Jacques de / Tarachow, Alice / Massaro, Dominic / Cohen, Michael / Beskow, Jonas / Yang, Jie / Meier, Uwe / Waibel, Alex / Stone, Pat / Fortier, George / Davis, Alice / Soland, Chris: "Intelligent animated agents for interactive language training", 163-166.

Badin, Pierre / Bailly, Gérard / Boe, Louis-Jean: "Towards the use of a virtual talking head and of speech mapping tools for pronunciation training", 167-170.

Massaro, Dominic W. / Cohen, Michael M.: "Visible speech and its potential value for speech training for hearing-impaired perceivers", 171-174.

Bernstein, Jared: "New uses for speech technology in language education", 175-178.

Townshend, Brent / Bernstein, Jared / Todic, Ognjen / Warren, Eryk: "Estimation of spoken language proficiency", 179-182.

Davies, Sarah / Poesio, Massimo: "A CSLUrp-based spoken dialogue system for teaching English as a foreign language", 183-186.

Devlieger, Mieke: "The applicability of speech recognition in the context of task-based language learning for young children", 187-189.