ESCA/NATO Tutorial and Research Workshop on
Speech Under Stress

Lisbon, Portugal
September 14-15, 1995

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[SUS-1995] Speech under stress, ESCA/NATO Tutorial and Research Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, September 14-15, 1995; ISCA Archive,

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Poster Contributions

Protopapas, Athanassios / Lieberman, Philip: "Effects of vocal f0 manipulations on perceived emotional stress", 1-4.

Whitmore, Jeffrey / Storm, William: "Voice changes during sustained duty periods", 5-8.

Waters, Jeff / Nunn, Steve / Gillcrist, Brenda / VonColln, Eric: "The effect of stress on the glottal pulse", 9-11.

Arnfield, Simon / Roach, Peter / Setter, Jane / Greasley, Peter / Horton, Dave: "Emotional stress and speech tempo variation", 13-15.

Noyes, Jan / Baber, Chris: "Speech recognition in adverse environments: the role of human mediation", 17-20.

Thompson, J. / Mason, J. S.: "Effects of anxiety in visual and audio speech databases", 21-24.

Bard, Ellen G. / Sotillo, C. / Anderson, A. H. / Taylor, M. M.: "The DCIEM map task corpus: spontaneous dialogue under sleep deprivation and drug treatment", 25-28.

Tischer, Bernd: "Acoustic correlates of perceived emotional stress", 29-32.

Applebaum, T. H. / Hanson, B. A. / Morin, P.: "Recognition strategies for Lombard speech", 33-36.

Baber, Chris / Noyes, Jan: "Automatic speech recognition systems: effects of environmental stressors", 37-40.

Womack, Brian D. / Hansen, John H. L.: "Stressed speech classification with application to robust speech recognition", 41-44.

Bou-Ghazale, Sahar E. / Harisen, John H. L.: "Improving recognition and synthesis of stressed speech via feature perturbation in a source generator framework", 45-48.

Ruiz, Robert / Absil, Emmanuelle / Gramatica, Bruno / Harmegnies, Bernard / Legros, Claude / Poch, Dolors: "Spectrum-related variabilities in stressed speech under laboratory and real conditions", 49-52.

Absil, Emmanuelle / Gramatica, Bruno / Harmegnies, Bernard / Legros, Claude / Poch, Dolors / Ruiz, Robert: "Time-related variabilities in stressed speech under laboratory and real conditions", 53-56.

Castellanos, A. / Benedi, J. M. / Casacuberta, F.: "An acoustic-phonetic analysis of Spanish Lombard speech", 57-60.

Benson, Peter: "Analysis of the acoustic correlates of stress from an operational aviation emergency", 61-64.

Tutorial Papers

Steeneken, Herman J. M.: "Speech under stress conditions in military operations: description of a project conducted by the NATO research study group on speech processing RSG10", 65-69.

Murray, Iain R. / Arnott, John L. / Rohwer, Elissaveta A.: "The strains of emotional stress in synthetic speech", 71-74.

Baber, Chris: "The effects of workload on the use of speech recognition systems", 75-82.

Junqua, Jean-Claude: "The influence of acoustics on speech production: a noise-induced stress phenomenon known as the Lombard reflex", 83-90.

Hansen, John H. L.: "Analysis and compensation of speech under stress & noise for environmental robustness in speech recognition", 91-98.

Discussion Outline

Legros, Claude: "Discussion on "emotion"", 99 (abstract).

Baber, Chris / Legros, Claude: "How do people cope with stress in the use of speech recognition?", 101 (abstract).

Künzel, Herman: "Discussion on "analysis techniques"", 103 (abstract).