Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration

Mark Philipsen, Matthias Rehm, Thomas Moeslund

In the future, robots are envisioned to work side by side with humans in dynamic environments both in manufacturing and in societal contexts like health care, education, and commerce. Before this vision can be realized, robots must be socially accepted. Acceptance will have to be build through improvements in robot adaptability and through a gradual introduction, where robots learn on the job. It is our conviction that this can be achieved through a combination of human-robot interaction, multimodal signal processing and AI techniques. We seek to prove this in real world applications. We discuss how we intend to utilize end-users in the continuous training and refinement of AIs and we highlight some of the challenges involved in building collaborative production cells.

 DOI: 10.21437/AI-MHRI.2018-9

Cite as: Philipsen, M., Rehm, M., Moeslund, T. (2018) Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration. Proc. FAIM/ISCA Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Multimodal Human Robot Interaction, 35-38, DOI: 10.21437/AI-MHRI.2018-9.

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