Voice-powered Solutions with Cloud AI

Dan Aharon

Google has been a leader in research into speech recognition, speech synthesis and natural language and much of that innovation has powered Google products like Search, Google Assistant, Google Maps android and others. Google Cloud AI aims to help enterprises, startups, students and any other developer use AI to build great end user experiences and benefiting from investments Google has made in this space. Google Cloud Speech-to-Text (formerly known as Cloud Speech API) was first released in Beta in 2016, was followed by Dialogflow Enterprise Edition in 2017 and Cloud Text-to-Speech in 2018. Each of these products is backed by cutting-edge research that Google has conducted in these spaces. This set of products is expected to be generally available before this conference starts and we’re excited to see how participants would use them to build new speech-powered experiences including mobile apps, connected devices (cars, TVs, speakers), robots, etc. We will showcase multiple demos at the show, that show how to build your own personal shopper or personal assistant using Cloud AI technology. We will also show how easy it is to connect this to a phone line and turn this into a conversational IVR that feels like a personal agent.

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