Second Language Studies: Acquisition, Learning, Education and Technology

Tokyo, Japan
September 22-24, 2010

Bridging the Gap between L2 Research and Classroom Practice (3) Online Assessment and Practical Teaching

Eiichiro Tsutsui (1), Yusuke Kondo (2), Michiko Nakano (3)

(1) International Center, Hiroshima International University, Japan
(2) Language Education Center, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
(3) Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, Waseda University, Japan

Recent technological advancements have been changing our educational environments. Because of learning management systems and online communication tools, educators can create and tailor virtual learning environments relatively easily, and they can incorporate new-dimensional approaches into their practical teaching. The inevitable consequence is that L2 learners need to get more accustomed to new types of learning environments. Not only should they know the effective use of computers for their learning, but they have to know how to become more responsible learners. This is because they have more chances to learn English independently in e-learning environments. Many educators emphasize the importance of student-centered and student-oriented learning. However, there are hardly any educational projects or methods that can facilitate the transition from teacher-centered to student-centered approaches. Against this background, the aim of this study is two-fold. First, we will show how we support a new generation of language learners that should become independent learners of English. Secondly, we will present survey results on L2 learners’ impressions of our supporting methods.

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Bibliographic reference.  Tsutsui, Eiichiro / Kondo, Yusuke / Nakano, Michiko (2010): "Bridging the gap between L2 research and classroom practice (3) online assessment and practical teaching", In L2WS-2010, paper P1-4.