Second Language Studies: Acquisition, Learning, Education and Technology

Tokyo, Japan
September 22-24, 2010

A Multilingual Platform for Building Speech-Enabled Language Courses

Manny Rayner (1), Pierrette Bouillon (1), Nikos Tsourakis (1), Johanna Gerlach (1), Claudia Baur (1), Maria Georgescul (1), Yukie Nakao (2)

(1) University of Geneva, TIM/ISSCO, Switzerland
(2) LINA, Nantes University, France

We present CALL-SLT, a generic multilingual speech-enabled Open Source CALL system based on the “translation game” idea of Wang and Seneff, focussing on recent enhancements which allow the instructor to define a structured language course divided up into a set of lessons. Each lesson picks out a subset of the corpus using a combination of semantic and syntactic constraints. We describe how the “structured lesson” framework interacts with the spoken help facilities offered by the system, and outline the initial sets of lessons we have constructed for the English, French and Japanese versions of CALL-SLT.

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Bibliographic reference.  Rayner, Manny / Bouillon, Pierrette / Tsourakis, Nikos / Gerlach, Johanna / Baur, Claudia / Georgescul, Maria / Nakao, Yukie (2010): "A multilingual platform for building speech-enabled language courses", In L2WS-2010, paper P1-9.