5th ISCA/DEGA Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems (PQS 2016)

29-31 August 2016, Berlin, Germany

Chair: Sebastian Möller und Sebastian Egger

ISSN: 2312-2846
DOI: 10.21437/PQS.2016


Eye-gaze Based Service Provision and QoE Optimization
Pietro Lungaro, Konrad Tollmar

Enhancing Video Streaming Using Real-Time Gaze Tracking
Sebastian Arndt, Jan Niklas Antons

Special Session: Gaming

Impact of Simplemux Traffic Optimisation on MMORPG QoE
Mirko Suznjevic, Jose Saldana, Maja Matijasevic, Matko Vuga

A Comprehensive End-to-End Lag Model for Online and Cloud Video Gaming
Florian Metzger, Albert Rafetseder, Christian Schwartz

Assessing the Accuracy of Network Estimations in the DOTA 2 Game Client
Matthias Hirth, Fabian Allendorf, Florian Metzger, Christian Schwartz


Analyzing the Usability and User Experience of an Adaptive Geographic Information System
Dénes Máté Bencze, Axel Lüdtke, Sebastian Möller

Contextual Sidebar: Effect of Context Information Quality on the Usability of a Context-aware Application
Sebastian Möller, Hantang Liu, Axel Spriestersbach

User Experience in Authentication Research: A Survey
Lydia Kraus, Jan Niklas Antons, Felix Kaiser, Sebastian Möller


Effects of Network Performance on Smartphone User Behavior
Luis Guillermo Martinez Ballesteros, Markus Örblom, Jan Markendahl, Per Skillermark, Konrad Tollmar

User Experience Measurement of a Static Website Compared to a Responsive Website Using AttrakDiff Mini
Alexander Fiebig, Marc Halbrügge, Lydia Kraus

Investigating the Extent and Impact of Time-Scaling in WebRTC Voice Over IP Traffic Under Light, Moderate and Heavily Congested Wi-Fi APs
Mohannad Alahmadi, Yusuf Cinar, Hugh Melvin, Peter Pocta


Comparison of EWPSNR and MOS on an Eye-tracking Labelled Video Dataset
Saman Zadtootaghaj, Hamed Ahmadi, Sebastian Möller

Impact of user emotion and video content on video Quality of Experience
Hajer Gahbiche Msaknil, Habib Youssef

Perceived Intra-Frame Dynamic Range In Cinema Environments
Tine Vyvey, Elena Nunez Castellar, Dirk Maes, Bruno Vandevelde, Jan Van Looy

Viva la Resolution: The Perceivable Differences between Image Resolutions for Light Field Displays
Peter Kara, Peter Tamas Kovacs, Maria G. Martini, Attila Barsi, Kristof Lackner, Tibor Balogh


Longitudinal User Experience of a Mobile Service
Stefan Schaffer, Rene Kelpin, Norbert Reithinger

Exemplary Test Design and Evaluation of an Autostereoscopic 3DTV considering Display Operating Parameters
Ruth Schultheis, Sara Kepplinger, Frank Hofmeyer, Nikolaus Hottong

Containerisation in Multimedia Research Test Beds
Yusuf Cinar, Hugh Melvin, Peter Pocta, Mohannad Alahmadi