SLTU-2008 - First International Workshop on Spoken Languages Technologies for Under-Resourced Languages

Hanoi, Vietnam
May 5-7, 2008

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[SLTU-2008] First International Workshop on Spoken Languages Technologies for Under-Resourced Languages (SLTU-2008), ISCA Archive,

Introduction to the Workshop

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Alam   Arora   Besacier (33)   Besacier (47)   Bigi (33)   Bigi (47)   Black   Boitet   Cai   Castelli (23)   Castelli (54)   Cetin   Do   Duong   Fafiotte   Feldmar   Furui   Gizaw   Habib   Haton   Huynh   Iwano   Jensson   Khan   Kominek   Lamel   Laprie   Le (33)   Le (47)   Makasso   Nallasamy   Nguyen, Ha   Nguyen, Hong Quang   Nimaan   Nocera (7)   Nocera (23)   Oosthuizen   Pau   Pellegrini   Plauché   van Rooyen   Rossignol   SAGISAKA   Sam   SCHULTZ (1)   Schultz (63)   Sebillot   Seng (33)   Seng (47)   Stüker (27)   Stüker (76)   Sumita   Tran   Trinh, Khoa   Trinh, Van Loan   Vu   Waibel   van Zyl  

Names written in boldface refer to first authors, in CAPITAL letters to keynote and invited papers. Full papers can be accessed from the abstracts. Please note that each abstract opens in a separate window.

Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Invited Talks

Schultz, Tanja: "Rapid language adaptation tools and technologies for multilingual speech processing systems", 1.

Sagisaka, Yoshinori: "Corpus-based speech synthesis from reading speech to communicative speech", 53.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Pellegrini, Thomas / Lamel, Lori: "Are audio or textual training data more important for ASR in less-represented languages?", 2-6.

Nimaan, Abdiilahi / Nocera, Pascal: "Preservation of african cultural heritage by automatic transcription of african languages", 7-11.

Trinh, Khoa / Nguyen, Ha / Duong, Duc / Vu, Quan: "An empirical study of multipass decoding for vietnamese LVCSR", 12-17.

Jensson, Arnar / Iwano, Koji / Furui, Sadaoki: "Development of a speech recognition system for Icelandic using machine translated text", 18-21.

Nguyen, Hong Quang / Nocera, Pascal / Castelli, Eric / Trinh, Van Loan: "Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition for Vietnamese, an under-resourced language", 23-26.

Stüker, Sebastian: "Integrating Thai grapheme based acoustic models into the ML-MIX framework - for language independent and cross-language ASR", 27-32.

Seng, Sopheap / Sam, Sethserey / Le, Viet-Bac / Bigi, Brigitte / Besacier, Laurent: "Which units for acoustic and language modeling for Khmer automatic speech recognition?", 33-38.

Gizaw, Solomon: "Multiple pronunciation model for Amharic speech recognition system", 39-46.

Le, Viet-Bac / Besacier, Laurent / Seng, Sopheap / Bigi, Brigitte / Do, Thi-Ngoc-Diep: "Recent advances in automatic speech recognition for vietnamese", 47-52.

Speech Synthesis and Language Ressources

Tran, Do Dat / Castelli, Eric: "Register of vietnamese tones in continuous speech", 54-57.

Rooyen, Marissa van / Zyl, Cecile van / Oosthuizen, Nico: "The systematic collection of speech corpora for all eleven official South african languages", 58-62.

Kominek, John / Schultz, Tanja / Black, Alan W.: "Synthesizer voice quality of new languages calibrated with mean mel cepstral distortion", 63-68.

Machine Translation Related Topics

Arora, Karunesh / Pau, Michael / Sumita, Eiichiro: "Translation of unknown words in phrase-based statistical machine translation for languages of rich morphology", 70-75.

Stüker, Sebastian / Waibel, Alex: "Towards human translations guided language discovery for ASR systems", 76-79.

Huynh, Cong-Phap / Boitet, Christian / Fafiotte, Georges: "Extending an on-line parallel corpus management system to handle specific types of structured documents", 80-85.

ASR and Miscellaneous Topics

Makasso, Emmanuel-Moselly: "Prosody and expressiveness marking in Bàsàa oral discourse: the case of melisms (first results)", 87-91.

Rossignol, Mathias / Sebillot, Pascale: "Automatic acquisition of lexical semantic information using medium to small corpora", 92-97.

Cetin, Özgür / Plauché, Madelaine / Nallasamy, Udhaykumar: "Unsupervised adaptive speech technology for limited resource languages: a case study for Tamil", 98-101.

Cai, Jun / Feldmar, Jacques / Laprie, Yves / Haton, Jean-Paul: "Transcribing southern Min speech corpora with a web-based language learning system", 102-107.

Alam, Firoj / Habib, S. M. Murtoza / Khan, Mumit: "Acoustic analysis of bangla consonants", 108-113.