Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP) 2011

Volterra, Italy
September 1-2, 2011

Children’s Expression of Uncertainty in Collaborative and Competitive Contexts

Mandy Visser, Emiel Krahmer, Marc Swerts

Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication (TiCC), Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands

We studied the effect of two social settings (collaborative versus competitive) on the audiovisual expression of uncertainty of children in two age groups (8 and 11). We conducted an experiment in which children played a quiz game in pairs. They either had to collaborate or compete with each other. We found an interaction effect of age and social setting on children’s Feeling of Knowing: 8 year old children do not seem to be affected by the social setting, contrary to 11 year old children. In a subsequent perception test, adults rated the certainty of children in clips taken from the experiment. We found that the (un)certainty of older children as well as children in competition were rated more accurately than the (un)certainty of younger children and children in collaboration. Moreover, it appeared that younger children were rated more certain in a collaborative setting and older children were rated more certain in competition. We also labeled children’s expressions for various visual and auditory features. We found that children used some of these features to signal uncertainty and that older children exhibited clearer cues than younger children.

Index Terms. audiovisual expression, (un)certainty, collaboration, competition, social development, Feeling of Knowing.

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Bibliographic reference.  Visser, Mandy / Krahmer, Emiel / Swerts, Marc (2011): "Children’s expression of uncertainty in collaborative and competitive contexts", In AVSP-2011, 25-30.