DiaHolmia - 2009 Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue

Stockholm, Sweden
June 24-26, 2009

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[DiaHolmia-2009] DiaHolmia - 2009 Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, ed. by Jens Edlund, Joakim Gustafson, Anna Hjalmarsson, and Gabriel Skantze, ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive/diaholmia_2009

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Introduction to the Workshop


Hirschberg, Julia: "Turn-taking vs. backchanneling in spoken dialogue systems", 1.

Bunt, Harry: "Multifunctionality and multidimensional dialogue semantics", 3-14.

Sjölander, Sverre: "Animal communication - bluffing, lying, impressing, and sometimes even information", 15.

Campbell, Nick: "The expanding role of prosody in speech communication technology", 17.

Full Papers

Petukhova, Volha / Bunt, Harry: "Who²s next? speaker-selection mechanisms in multiparty dialogue", 19-26.

Hjalmarsson, Anna: "On cue · additive effects of turn-regulating phenomena in dialogue", 27-34.

Poesio, Massimo / Rieser, Hannes: "Anaphora and direct reference: empirical evidence from pointing", 35-42.

Artstein, Ron / Gandhe, Sudeep / Rushforth, Michael / Traum, David: "Viability of a simple dialogue act scheme for a tactical questioning dialogue system", 43-50.

Schlangen, David: "What we can learn from dialogue systems that don²t work - on dialogue systems as cognitive models", 51-58.

Cooper, Robin / Larsson, Staffan: "Compositional and ontological semantics in learning from corrective feedback and explicit definition", 59-66.

Kempson, Ruth / Gregoromichelaki, Eleni / Purver, Matt / Mills, Greg / Gargett, Andrew / Howes, Chris: "How mechanistic can accounts of interaction be?", 67-74.

Karagjosova, Elena: "A monotonic model of denials in dialogue", 75-82.

Ljunglöf, Peter: "Dialogue management as interactive tree building", 83-90.

Popescu, Vladimir / Caelen, Jean: "The non-individuation constraint revisited: when to produce free choice items in multi-party dialogue", 91-98.

Akker, Rieks op den / Traum, David: "A comparison of addressee detection methods for multiparty conversations", 99-106.

Kleindienst, Jan / Cuřin, Jan / Labský, Martin: "A domain ontology based metric to evaluate spoken dialog systems", 107-112.

Ross, Robert J. / Bateman, John: "Agency & information state in situated dialogues: analysis & computational modelling", 113-120.

Demos and Posters

Ljunglöf, Peter: "TRIK: a talking and drawing robot for children with communication disabilities", 121-122.

Larsson, Staffan / Villing, Jessica: "Multimodal menu-based dialogue in Dico II", 123-124.

Artstein, Ron / Gandhe, Sudeep / Rushforth, Michael / Whitman, Nicolle / Ali, Sarrah / Gerten, Jillian / Lenski, Anton / Roque, Antonio / DeVault, David / Traum, David: "Demonstration of the Amani tactical questioning dialogue system", 125.

Skantze, Gabriel / Gustafson, Joakim: "Multimodal interaction control in the MonAMI reminder", 127-128.

Edlund, Jens: "Spontal ¶ first glimpses of a Swedish database of spontaneous dialogue", 129-130.

Al Moubayed, Samer: "Prosodic disambiguation in spoken systems output", 131-132.

Janarthanam, Srinivasan / Lemon, Oliver: "Learning adaptive referring expression generation Policies for spoken dialogue systems using reinforcement learning", 133-134.

Bertomeu, Núria / Benz, Anton: "Ontology-based information states for an artificial sales agent", 135-136.

Andonova, Elena / Coventry, Kenny R.: "Alignment and priming of spatial perspective", 137-138.

Brusk, Jenny: "Using screenplays as corpus for modeling gossip in game dialogues", 139-140.

Hurtado, L. F. / Segarra, E. / Sanchis, E. / García, F. / Griol, D.: "The acquisition of a dialog corpus with a prototype and two WOz", 141-142.

Baumann, Timo: "Integrating prosodic modelling with incremental speech recognition", 143-144.