5th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Rhodes, Greece
September 22-25, 1997

Weighted Determinization and Minimization for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition

Mehryar Mohri, Michael Riley

AT&T Labs - Research, Florham Park, NJ, USA

Speech recognition requires solving many space and time problems that can have a critical effect on the overall system performance. We describe the use of two general new algorithms [5] that transform recognition networks into equivalent ones that require much less time and space in large-vocabulary speech recognition. The new algorithms generalize classical automata determinization and minimization to deal properly with the probabilities of alternative hypotheses and with the relationships between units (distributions, phones, words) at different levels in the recognition system.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Mohri, Mehryar / Riley, Michael (1997): "Weighted determinization and minimization for large vocabulary speech recognition", In EUROSPEECH-1997, 131-134.