5th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Rhodes, Greece
September 22-25, 1997

Text-to-Intonation in Spontaneous Swedish

Gosta Bruce (1), Marcus Filipsson (1), Johan Frid (1), Björn Granström (2), Kjell Gustafson (2), Merle Horne (1), David House (1)

(1) Dept of Linguistics and Phonetics, Lund, Sweden
(2) Dept of Speech, Music and Hearing, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

This paper deals with a number of aspects of intonation in spontaneous dialogues in a language technology perspective. The key topics to be addressed are: I) the analysis of global intonation and its interaction with textual structure, II) the implementation of global and textual aspects of discourse intonation in an analysis-by-synthesis environment. We present models for the analyses of intonation and textual content in spontaneous conversations in Swedish. The models are implemented in a computational environment, making it possible to generate F0 contours, which can be imposed on a speech waveform using the PSOLA technique. The result is a text-to-intonation system, where textual and lexical analyses automatically generate hypothetical intonation contours, which can through resynthesis, and eventually be used in a text-to-speech system.

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Bibliographic reference.  Bruce, Gosta / Filipsson, Marcus / Frid, Johan / Granström, Björn / Gustafson, Kjell / Horne, Merle / House, David (1997): "Text-to-intonation in spontaneous Swedish", In EUROSPEECH-1997, 215-218.