5th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Rhodes, Greece
September 22-25, 1997

A Step Toward General Model for Symbolic Description of the Speech Signal 1067

Goran S. Jovanovic

Institute for Applied Mathematics and Electronics, Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Beograd, Yugoslavia

The paper presents an improved and extended version of previously defined general model for symbolic description of the speech signal. In the first part of the paper we formally define symbolic description segments that correspond to the lower speech coding levels (word and subword speech signal segments). In the second part of the paper we perform an analysis of practical applicability of the proposed model. Experimental evidence confirmed that one way to develop automatic procedure for symbolic description of the speech signal is by the use of IFC-guided speech signal processing, which provides specific focusing structural analysis. We believe that presented experimental results are inspiring from the standpoint of new research projects, especially in the field of automatic speech recognition and efficient speech coding.

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Bibliographic reference.  Jovanovic, Goran S. (1997): "A step toward general model for symbolic description of the speech signal 1067", In EUROSPEECH-1997, 1067-1070.