5th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Rhodes, Greece
September 22-25, 1997

Speech Recognition Module for CSCW Using a Microphone Array

Takashi Endo, Shigeki Nagaya, Masayuki Nakazawa, Kiyoshi Furukawa, Ryuichi Oka

Tsukuba Research Center Real World Computing Partnership Ibaraki, Japan

This report proposes a recognition module for use in CSCW that suffers little degradation in recognition performance even when more than one person speaks at the same time and they speak at a distance from a microphone. This is accomplished by controlling directionality using a microphone array and estimating transmission characteristics from speakers to microphones. On the basis of evaluation performed by word spotting from continuous speech, it has been found that this module raises the recognition rate by (1) 30% in an environment where two people are speaking at the same time, and (2) by 15% when people speak at a distance of 160 cm from a microphone.

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Bibliographic reference.  Endo, Takashi / Nagaya, Shigeki / Nakazawa, Masayuki / Furukawa, Kiyoshi / Oka, Ryuichi (1997): "Speech recognition module for CSCW using a microphone array", In EUROSPEECH-1997, 1527-1530.